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Chinese New Year. HELP!! Dear James

Discussion in 'Primary' started by lauly, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. I have been told (at quite short notice) that I am to be leading several CNY sessions in my reception class next week. I am a student teacher and my mentor has told me I have to do 6 sessions on the subject - mainly covering KUW (Sci, Hist and Geog). I am ion a pickle, however, bacause she has taken most of the useable ideas and I am stuck.

    She is doing: The animal story. She is doing food. She is doing the dragon dance. She is doing the red envelopes. She is doing dragon masks. She is doing geog - where China is.

    I need some thing cool and fun to do so I can impress.As I feel like I have been left with the scraps, and need to have several sessions from it.

    I have 6 sessions (two of which are VERY small sessions - they are after play on the afternoon and last for approx 15-30 mins (depending on playtime).

    I was thinking:

    Session 1: For my big session on the first day - lanterns - make a lantern with a pattern - to cover creative development art objectives.
    Session 2: First day small session: I need to do a knowledge and understanding topic but I am stuck. I was going todo the differences between our homes and schools and theirs but she didnt really much like this,but offered no suggestions. Just to look at the atlas to get skills.
    Session 3: Big session: Differences between New Year in Wales and Chinese New Year.
    Session 4: Small session: Music - sing a Chinese song.
    Session 5 and 6: She has said to design and make a booklet detailling what we have learned. But this does not sit well with me and Im not sure what to do.

    I gave her lots of my ideas yesterday and she went through them all saying none were good, or that the good ones would only be child innitiated but giving me no indication as to what I could do, saying ' Iwant to go home early as I have been here with you late every night' which is not only incorrect but is unsupportive. I feel like I totally get on her nerves and am borderline terrified of her. I don't know what to do and can't ask her for help because she is very vague with help and/or angry when i dont understand.


  2. Firstly is there anyone else in reception or ks1 that you can ask for support.
    Secondly try to keep notes of your ideas and then responses from teacher as an evidence base.
    The having to organise the acitivities is what teaching is all about but does seem that there is a lack of joined up thinking between the activities you and teacher are doing. The Early Years section on TES might be a better place to get suggestions.
    Are these slots whole class direct teaching or independent activities children might choose or group teaching sessions?
  3. Hello Lauly
    Sorry to hear your teacher (mentor) is not being supportive.
    Chinese New Year has a lot of scope, I really like some of your ideas.
    Lanterns is a great idea lots of creative fun and of course can touch on light sources and light and dark etc
    To enhance your music idea could you look at chinese instruments and think about the different sounds.
    On Cbeebies iplayer there is a short programme about children preparing for CNY which you could use to lead your discussions on the differences between CNY and NY in Wales.
    As for KUW- Could you learn a little bit of the Chinese language and try out some Chinese mark making. I have found a really good website which has children speaking languages and could be used a stimulus http://www.newburypark.redbridge.sch.uk/langofmonth/
    I hope these ideas help.
  4. Wow! I love that newbury park language site!! That is amazing!!! I don't have internet in my classrooms but will try to see if I can catchvid them!! They are super amazing!! Thanks!!! :D

    Thanks for all the advice - I am only there for a few more weeks' so that is good! :) I just have to keep a calm head on and carry on I think! I just get moments of doubt and madness. Thanks for all the encouragement!!

  5. inky

    inky Lead commenter

    What a wonderful site! I've bookmarked it and will show it to my colleagues next week. Thank you very much, PFB.

    [and thanks to Newbury Park primary school too]
  6. Bluerose - It is whole class direct teaching, with teacher-led group activities to support at end of input.

    She is very prescriptive so I follow her role - Input - read a book/show them something and demo what we will do once her showing the class then again the chn showing the group what to do. Then the activity is exactly what we did as a class and we do it as a small group seperately in our books and then the plenary is going over what we have just done and saying what we have learned.

    I hope that makes sense :)
  7. She sounds like a right meanie!!
    Some ideas i've used over the last few years, some may be beyond your year group, but you could adapt (and others may find them useful too!);
    • Chinese Lanterns are a good idea, you could even do some instructional text/writing http://www.show.me.uk/site/news/STO963.html I made a powerpoint from these pics, then some of the children cut and stuck the pics into the right order before making one.
    • Zodiac Placemats - Using ICT - children combine text and graphics to make a placemat of their 'zodiac animal' e.g. Insert dragon pic and words associated to being born during this year 'brave' 'enthusiastic' etc
    • Chinese New Year Cards - Let them loose with red card, gold pens, dragon pictures, glitter, ribbon etc!
    Erm....my mind's gone blank now! If I think of anything else (or I'll have a look at past planning!!) And post again. Have fun!

  8. Espresso has some quite good video clips too :O)

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