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Chinese New Year Assembly for Reception Class

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by laurajoanne, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. I did a Chinese New Year assembly with my Year 1/2 class last year. We looked at the traditions and the children dressed up as the 12 animals and re-told the story of the race. Because it was an assembly where parents/governors and other members of the community could attend we made a Chinese restaurant and had Chinese snacks afterwards (fortune cookies, prawn crackers, spring rolls etc- cheap enough to buy in lidl and aldi!!) I have still got my assembly script if you would like to see it. I can e-mail it to you if you would like.
  2. Pow


    I am also doing a Chinese New Year assembly, please could I look at your script. My email is beryl.spence@sky.com
  3. Ignoring the "me toos" - we made a chinese dragon (photocopier paper box, V cut in the side for mouth, lots of those tissue paper circles glued on overlapping for scales and then I did eyes on the top out of yoghurt pots with black dots on for pupils, and a sponge-printed bed sheet out the back) and did a dragon dance/walk with yer legs sticking out a bit around the hall while half the class beat the living daylights out of the percussion section of the music trolley (I'm sure you get the idea of the level of noise produced) in some approximation of a beat!
  4. Grolta

    Grolta New commenter

    If you need animal masks for Chinese New Year try www.rainbowresources.co.uk - colour or black and white versions available.
  5. There is a new song that has just come out called Dragon Dance written for the Chinese New year. It is in a book called The Niki Davies Calendar of Songs from Out of the Ark Music. You can have a listen on line at www.outoftheark.com
    the songbook has a few ideas of what to do with the song included making some Chinese Dragons using painted egg boxes, and when singing the song the children can mirror the words using thier "dancing dragons"
  6. Best idea EVER! I never would have thought of using photocopy paper boxes!! YES!!! *excited*
  7. Hi,
    I know this thread was a long time ago but if you still have the class assembly script for Chinese new year could you please e-mail it to me? I have my one coming up with a my Year 1s!
  8. Oooh, please could I have a copy of your script also.
    Many thanks,
  9. Hi i know it is some time ago you posted this link but thought it was worth a shot to see if you still have your script from your assembly? sounds fab :)
  10. Hello,
    Please could you email me the script too,
    Thank you
  11. Hello, I know this was some time ago but if still available I would love a look at the script.. A very nervous NQT doing her first assembly.. Thank you

  12. If its not to much trouble could you please email me a copy of your script? My email is victoriawhelan1992@hotmail.com thank you! xx
  13. Hi there. I was just wondering if I could take a look at your script? My email is charlotte_ponting@hotmail.com thank you in advance

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