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China visa process from the UK - some guidance

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by amysdad, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. jiveannie

    jiveannie New commenter


    i have just accepted a job in China for this July so am now starting all the visa application process.
    Can anyone tell me where they got their medical examination done in the UK, and how much did you have to pay. I am in the north of England so don't really want to go to London. My GP doesn't seem to know, but I am waiting for a phone call back.

    Also, if anyone used a company to cut out some of the legwork when notarising docs etc, could you let me know who they were.

    Thanks for any further advice!
  2. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    Hi jiveannie, your GP could do it if they offer a private practice - you will be charged for it as it's not covered by the NHS. If not, they might know one who can, or try contacting a local private hospital to see if they can carry it out.

    The legwork involved in notarising documents isn't that much, TBH - the benefits of the agencies is simply that someone else does it for you. When it comes to the Chinese consulate bit, I'd suggest for you either Manchester or Edinburgh as they are (a) closest and (b) relatively quiet compared to London.
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  3. Catvas83

    Catvas83 New commenter

    I'm just about to embark on my Chinese visa process. Quick question about the police document- did people apply for a police certificate through the Criminal Records Office? I do have an ehanced DBS for my current school in the UK but it was issued June 2017 and the notes the school sent state it needs to have '6 months validity', which i'm guessing means it needs to have been issued within the last 6 months.
    From what I can see online the police certificate and not the dbs is what you need to apply for a visa..confirmation from someone going through the process would be great!
  4. jiveannie

    jiveannie New commenter

    Hi Catvas83
    I am in the process of applying for my Z visa. I got a police ACRO certificate and then sent that off to the foreign office and the Chinese embassy for authentication etc.
    My school have said that is all fine.
    My GP did the medical form for me.

    Sounds like we are on a similar timescale to this process!
    good luck!
  5. Catvas83

    Catvas83 New commenter

    Thanks Jiveannie, I thought the ACRO was the way to go but it's always good to double check. If you got your medical form done at the GP did you also get the xray/EGC tests done? One of the guidance notes i was reading said to just write 'not applicable for these'. The notes the school sent mentioned about going to medical centre/hospital appointed by the Chinese Embassy or consulate but it doesn't sound like that's what you did. I would prefer not to have to go to some private medical centre to get this as it can be pretty expensive- school is covering up to around £280 of visa costs and I hear these private tests can cost up to £300!
  6. jiveannie

    jiveannie New commenter


    I have started a conversation with you.
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  7. rhenium1963

    rhenium1963 New commenter

    China is not letting outsiders in. What impact does that have on job offers?
  8. Catvas83

    Catvas83 New commenter

    My school In China has emailed to say they believe this travel ban is likely to be temporary and should be lifted by the time we travel in July/August. It’s highly likely that we will have to go into quarantine for 14 days when we arrive but they will provide provision for this.
    lianaanthony and rhenium1963 like this.
  9. jiveannie

    jiveannie New commenter

    I am just about to receive my work invitation for the Z visa. I have to say which embassy I will be going to.

    Manchester is closer, but I could do Edinburgh. Is there any difference? My school said that some need fingerprints and others don't?
    I'm worried about getting to the embassy due to current travel restrictions.

    Any advice?
  10. jiveannie

    jiveannie New commenter

    Hi Ryankpenny

    I am about to receive my invitation for work before I head off to the embassy to get the Z visa. I live near Manchester which I think is where you said you went for yours?
    Do you have to go in person to drop off and collect at a later date? WIll me and my husband both have to go? I'm a bit worried as to whether or not it's even open at the moment with the lockdown, or whether I am allowed to travel to get there!

    Any help /advice most welcome.
    Thanks :)
  11. rhenium1963

    rhenium1963 New commenter

    How does one legalise their police certificate? Does it need a notary and the foreign office approval as well before going to the Chinese embassy?
  12. jiveannie

    jiveannie New commenter

    I had an ACRO certificate from UK - and it didn't need notarising by the foreign office. Just accepted by the Chinese embassy.
    rhenium1963 likes this.
  13. rhenium1963

    rhenium1963 New commenter

    Thanks that was helpful.
  14. lianaanthony

    lianaanthony New commenter

    Only if the name on it does not match your passport. Missing middle names etc
  15. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter


    Just a short reminder that the majority of advice in this post from myself and others relates to the process pre-COVID 19. While there doesn't seem to be any indication that the process will change, that doesn't mean that it will stay the same (as an example, when I moved in 2017 the government changed the process mid-application and we all had to start again!)

    Your school HR departments should be keeping up with any changes and should be in the best place to keep you updated with the process. Don't let it put you off - China is a fascinating country and, with students who actually want to learn, a great place to teach!
    rhenium1963 likes this.
  16. smith_jack823

    smith_jack823 New commenter

    Hi there, can I confirm that you said you didn't need to get your police check notarised and legalised? You just sent it to the embassy???
  17. Lokhinyip

    Lokhinyip New commenter

    For me a DBS was fine.
  18. Lokhinyip

    Lokhinyip New commenter

    The embassy is open?!
  19. jiveannie

    jiveannie New commenter

    Sorry haven’t logged in in a while. Yes correct - just sent the acro to the embassy

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