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China visa process from the UK - some guidance

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by amysdad, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. MissTilscher

    MissTilscher New commenter

    Although the medical might be expensive (some clinics in the UK are quoting 300GBP!), it wont be a problem if you do have it, just in case, I am sure.
  2. TusitalaH

    TusitalaH New commenter

    I don't have to do one - I'm signing a health declaration letter instead which states I will have an examination done when I arrive in China (which is compulsory regardless). I read about it from people on here and asked my school: they originally hadn't mentioned it and just asked for the medical check in the UK, but once I brought it up the said yes that will work, and provided me with the document to sign.

    So I would say it'd be worth asking your school about it.
  3. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    I'm not sure about the compulsory health check in China - again, as with a lot of things, I think it depends on the area and probably the school. Neither my wife nor me have been asked to do one, and we're about to renew our visa for the second time. We did have a check done in Egypt (which was a tale in itself....)
  4. Pina_Colada

    Pina_Colada New commenter

    They are asking for a medical to be done here in Kenya and then another one gets done within 30 days of my first month in China.

    I have read online that you can put in the chest x-ray and ECG boxes, comment ‘not applicable’? Or do I need to get them also?
  5. MissTilscher

    MissTilscher New commenter

    I got everything done that was on the sheet because I didn't want to risk a delay to the visa process but again, your school is best placed to answer this.
  6. rickpat

    rickpat New commenter

    Can i ask exactly what documents people are being asked to authenticate?

    I have applied for some EAL jobs in high schools.

    I know it's something that an employer should be telling me, but just trying to plan ahead.

    For sure my degree and uk police check, but is pgce authentification always needed?

    My secondary qualification is not from the uk and havent worked out how I can get it done as i dont live there now / cant locate an agent there.

  7. ryanpkenny

    ryanpkenny New commenter


    I am nearing the end of this visa nightmare and have finally got my Work permit singed by the local Chinese government where I am moving to. My school has suggested I use an agent for the last part which is the actual Z-Visa application

    1. How much hassle is it doing this last part myself ?
    2. Does anyone have any agents that they have used and would recommend ?
    3. How long does my visa need to last? (i.e 1 year 1 entry or 2 year multiple entry etc) I have seen that I need to apply for a work/recidency permit when I reach China anyway and then you can use that to go in and out of the country

    Thank you for your help :)
  8. MissTilscher

    MissTilscher New commenter

    My understanding is that your Z visa is a single entry visa, which is then converted into a multiple entry work permit/visa when you arrive, organised by your school? Please correct me if I'm wrong, everyone else who has already done this!
  9. mermy

    mermy Occasional commenter

    That's correct @MissTilscher . The conversion takes around 10 days, meaning you will not have your passport during that time. We arrived in August, did our medical checks and then all ours were done early September, meaning we were able to travel in the October holiday.
  10. ryanpkenny

    ryanpkenny New commenter

    Okay thank you very much :)

    One more question if you don't mind, When filling out the online application it asks me when my departure date will be. I don't have a current departure date so should I just put it as the end of my 2 year contract? the same problem with the question about my longest stay, should I put this as the full 2 year contract or just put it as a month ?

    Thank you again
  11. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Established commenter

    Best thing to do is to ask your school
  12. ryanpkenny

    ryanpkenny New commenter

    Sorry it’s me again

    I’ve found out I only need 3 month with 1 entry visa which is good :) saves some money

    My next question is which documents do I need to take I have seen contradicting statements

    This is what I think I need to take when dropping off my application please correct me if I am missing something

    1. Passport and colour copy
    2. Completed Application form
    3. Colour copies of my Work Permit
    4. Passport style picture

    I have seen somewhere that I need colour copies of my notarised documents (degree and police check) but other places say you don’t need those because they have been checked during the work permit so you just need the work permit

    Thank you for putting up with my questions
  13. Pina_Colada

    Pina_Colada New commenter

    It all depends where you are from, where you are now, where you got your degree, and which province you are going to I think (and the School maybe). I think this thread is good but there seem so many variants.
  14. ryanpkenny

    ryanpkenny New commenter

    Okay I think I’m just going to take copies of everything and just hand in what they ask me for at the time :)

    Hopefully my final question but one that a lot of people I imagine will have the same problem

    I have been told by my school to apply for a 3 month 1 entry visa as when I get to China the Z-visa is swapped for the residency permit and then I don’t need a visa anymore

    With the new online form you have to fill in most sections, there are two sections I am a bit confused about

    1. Length of stay - as a teacher going over I do not know the length of my longest stay, do I just put the whole 2 years of my contact or just the length of the visa.

    2. Date of departure/ travel itinerary- Same sort of problem as the first. I don’t have a departure date so do I put this as my last day of contract or do I just put a random date in ?

    You have to fill in both of these sections or it won’t let you move on to the next sections

    Thanks again
    Adrift43 likes this.
  15. Adrift43

    Adrift43 New commenter

    Hey there Amy's Dad.

    I'm in the process of getting my Z Visa right now and have a few pressing questions. I have the notification letter now, but only a scan of the Mandarin and English versions of the document. My school seems to think I can just rock up with a printed copy and be fine. Is this true. Secondly. The application for, section 6 (Travel Information) is really throwing me for a loop. It asks for my departure date (Okay I more or less know that) then it asks for the flight number (That I don't know as the school hasn't booked the tickets yet). Then it asks for my departing China date, which I REALLY don't know yet. How am I supposed to fill in this section? I am leaving for China on the 30th of June and I really want to book an appointment in London for Tuesday (My wife whose also a teacher and coming along for the ride to work at the same school has taken a day off work already to do it). I was going to make my own topic about this but if you or anyone else on this thread could better inform me, that'd be great!
  16. Adrift43

    Adrift43 New commenter

    I tried asking my school and they said "We don't know ask the embassy." Emailed the Visa Centre in London and tried calling them but they don't seem to actually have any people to answer phones.

  17. Jason_Bourne_

    Jason_Bourne_ Established commenter

    Maybe ask your new school to put you in touch with teachers who went through the same process last year?
  18. Adrift43

    Adrift43 New commenter

    Not a bad idea. But so far it seems all if their hires are American. Most of the Brits came over pre Visa Centres. Has led to a bit of confusion throughout the whole process.
  19. amysdad

    amysdad Established commenter

    @Adrift43 - just checked back through my docs and I only had the scanned versions of the letter, and this was absolutely fine for my application.

    With the visa, this bit is usually a formality and normally it's OK to have your flights booked by now. If the school is doing this ask them what their procedure is for booking flights - I had mine booked before the work permit letter came through, so was just able to use the correct number.
  20. loislane1

    loislane1 New commenter

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