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Chilli without chilli

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by bombaysapphire, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    Would Mrs M cope with a bit of tumeric and cumin to create more of a chilli flavour?
  2. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    Chilli refers to the actual salsa, ie sauce, you cannot make a chilli without chilli, you can make a chilli without meat, chilli sin carne. But go ahead and make a bean,meat and tomato sauce, just don't call it chilli!!
  3. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Thinking on, she's very partial to shepherds pie. I could make that for her but then I'd have more beans than I'd need as they are in a can. I'm thinking on my feet here...
    Maybe I could add some to her shepherds pie or perhaps serve it with a bean salad, as we have red pepper and other stuff such as celery and carrot to hand.
    Has anyone had shepherds pie with kidney beans in it? If so, how did it work?
  4. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    When my children were little "chilli" was as you would expect but with paprika instead of chilli - we used to add a squirt of harissa to make it more to our palatte, but it still worked!
  5. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    A decent amount of cumin and it will still taste good.
    Shepherd's pie with kidney beans in sounds quite wrong and texturally unpleasant.
  6. Go with the Chilli con carne but use cummin and parperka as mentioned along with corriander and a touch of cinnamone. The key is to have the spice without the heat.
  7. lapinrose

    lapinrose Lead commenter

    But it still is not a Chilli!! To become a chilli sauce with or without meat, you need to use chillis or dried chilli or ground chilli. It is Salsa con carne, frijoles y especias.
  8. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Technically you are right, lapinrose, but given that chilli con carne is not especially authentic in as far as Mexican food goes, being a Spanish/American invention, it doesn't really matter if the chilli is left out, IMO!
    Sod authenticity, if it tastes good, it is good. [​IMG]


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