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Children's photos

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Ucan2, May 29, 2011.

  1. One of our teachers wants to put all the photos taken of her class throughout the year (she takes a lot!) on a disc and give it to each child as their end of term present. Although this sounds a nice idea, I'm concerned about making photos of other children so readily available. It is so easy then for tham to be put on Facebook etc and we would have no control over this.

    What do you think?
  2. We give our Year 6's 2 photo CDS, one of their trip to PGL which parents pay £1 for and the another of all the children's photos since Nursery. Every year the parents sign a disclaimer so photos of their child can be taken. We have never had any problems or complaints from children or parents, only lovely comments about the content.
    I guess our SMT have made the decision......but maybe I will pose this to them after the holidays. (We do not allow pupils to take personal cameras on trips so all photos are through school, everything is taken with permission - maybe that helps?)
    Good idea about making a book for them?? but then they could Scan all the photographs and still put them on FB...the photos some people put up are wrong as it is...so many children have their childhoods paraded through cyber space.
  3. I do this every year for my classes as a leaving present. Never once has anyone raised concerned.

    I think some schools have silly rules about photos of children. Banning parents taking photos during shows, not allowing photos on their websites. Why? As long as they don't have names and addresses alongside them, I can't see what the problem is.

    And kids would treasure a photo CD of their team in a year group. Go for it.
  4. What prompted my concern in the first place is this - I was covering a Y6 class in the ICT suite and suddenly there was great excitement as one pupil had googled herself in images and ... there were photos! Now they have cottened on to this no doubt there will be others, and whose to stop anyone putting anything on there? We had a big discussion about internet security etc. the chn assure me they don't use Facebook (hmmm) but do use Twitter. I personally don't use Facebook and get quite cross when I see photos of myself - named - that I haven't given permission for. It's not just the school issue but the whole provacy issue that concerns me. But there is little we can do about that is there?
  5. My niece's teacher did a similar thing last year. It was awesome!! The teacher was also concerned about the privacy issue and used a pdf-esq tool that made the pictures uncopiable. If I remember correctly the pictures scrambled once they were pasted. Unfortunately the teacher has now left & is backpacking around the world.
  6. Hi there
    I fancy doing this for my class. Will send out letter to parents etc. What's the cheapest and most efficient way of actually burning the pics on?

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