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Children's misconceptions in maths

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by henners123, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Can anyone point me to a website that can help me with this?

  2. Can anyone point me to a website that can help me with this?

  3. whats it for?? just done an assignment on it which happy to email. There is also a really goog book for £15 by Alice Hansen called something like'childrens misconceptions in maths'.
  4. Lilian11 is there any chance you could email your miss conceptions in maths essay to meas i am doing pgce and stuck as hell. sarascott80@hotmail.com cheers sara
  5. Hi, the Wave 3 intervention programme identifies children's misconceptions. Once the misconceptions have been identified, you then follow the lesson plans. Here is the link to the web page:


    I hope this helps,

    Daisy. xx :0)
  6. Hi lilian11

    Could you email me a copy too?

    Thanks in advance..


    Likklemssy x
  7. I bought a really good book from amazon on childrens misconceptions in maths - type it into the search at amazon and it should come up!
  8. Hello,

    I have just read your post about the assignment you have done on childrens misconceptions in maths. I am currently doing a PGCE and I have to write a similar assignment. If you don't mind please can you send me a copy to janeyhorton@hotmail.com
    Many Thanks
  9. Hi,
    I'm doing a similar assignment and would be eager to look at your assignment to see if it sparks any ideas for mine. I would really appreciate a copy if thats possible. My email is tlwimbles@hotmail.com
  10. I would strongly advise sharing essays like this - the temptation to plagurise (not sure of spelling of that) is too great and universities take a very strict line on this. Perhaps instead share literature or resources that you used to write the essays.

  11. I'd also advise against sharing assignments in this way. Share resources and bibliography by all means, but the finished product is someone else's creation, reflecting their experience, personality, understanding and analysis, and it can never become your work, no matter how much editing and personalising you do. Also reading someone else's assignment on the same subject affects how you compose yours and the line of reasoning you may employ, and can stifle your creativity and insights. It can more likely hinder, rather than enhance, your work.
    If you need more general help in how to research and put together an academic assignment, there are good books and online resources to help you. If you need guidance on your particular topic, read up suggested text books. 'Reflective Teaching' and 'Readings for Reflective Teaching' by Andrew Pollard are excellent, as is the associated website http://www.rtweb.info/
    They cover most topics you are ever likely to be asked for in a professional study assignment, and will also help with general discussion on more subject-specific essays.
  12. Can i have a copy too toolazy@todoitmyself.com

    Seriously, maybe just asking for the bibliography to be posted would be more productive allowing you to undertake your own research and draw you own conclusions.
  13. Hi lillan11,
    Ive just posted a question asking the same thing, about misconceptions of maths, I didnt even noticed this section when I searched :)
    Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of the assignment you completed if you still have it at all? Its would help me so much for my research, just to gain some new ideas and check Im on the right track.

    Ive got that book on order! Hehe! Thank you x
  14. Ive just read the rest of the posts, I just wanted to spark some ideas, Im really worried Im not on the right track and looking at the structure and ideas from other people will ensure IM doing ok, fingers crossed I am, think I might get some friends to proof read it! x
  15. Would you by any chance still have this essay? If so would you mind forwarding it on to me also? thank you sososo much in advance.

    you'd be an absolute gem.
  16. I'm not going to post my essay, but I did an assignment on the same topic, so am happy to give some help...
    A good place to start is Children's Understanding of Mathematics:11 to 16, by KM Hart, which talks about many misconceptions.
    From there, I have found the following books to be helpful for general information about mathematics misconceptions (the book aimed at primary schools is equally helpful with key stage 3):
    Hansen, A: Children's errors in mathematics: Understanding common misconceptions in primary schools.
    Ryan & Wiliams: Children's mathematics: 4-15: Learning from errors and misconceptions
    Swan: Dealing with misconceptions in mathematics (found in Issues in mathematics teaching by P. Gates).
  17. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    Oh dear! You have all been told by a number of people in this thread that you shouldn't share assignments and yet you are still all asking for it!
    I find this shocking and especially that you are all training to be teachers.... what would you say to your class of children if they all started swapping work?
    I completed an assignment on misconceptions in maths whilst training (before anyone asks, no you can't have it) and I had to use my experience in school to help me and talk about this in my assignment. There is no substitute for your OWN experience and reading in assignments.
    Also I would warn you all against giving out personal information such as names and email addresses, your training providers have access to this forum and might actually go on it!
  18. Hiya,
    Im doing some writing on maths misconceptions and how these are overcome. Im quite stuck! Im a BA Primary Education Student yr 1! My email is daniellelouise1993@aol.com xxx

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