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children's centre interview

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by charlotte82, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. hi there, just got an interview for a teachers job in a (virtual) children's centre and have to do a 10 min presentation entitled 'How will you use your expertise as a teacher to improve learning at the children's centre?'. Got a few ideas but wondered if anyone would be willing to share some ideas about what I could include?
  2. What is a virtual children's centre?
    I recently got a job as a children's centre teacher. I talked about the eyfs, children's plan, 10 year strategy and ECM. I also talked about how I would raise achievement of specific groups of children e.g. boys or babies and working with other agencies and parents / carers.
  3. It basically means that there is no actual children's centre building, it is more based in community locations- community centres/school buildings etc. There is an office based in local partnership centre but no actual centre. thats really helpful ideas- will try to include those things! any other tips from you would be great seeing as you have got the job!
  4. Hi I started as a CCT in January and at my interview they wanted to know how I would reach hard to reach families, my views on ECM, sharing good practise and teaching the under threes
    Now I am in the job there is a lot of work developing other preschool settings in the children's centre area
  5. how is the job going? is it what you thought it would be?
    what does your day/week look like? would be great to hear some more info before the interview!
  6. Hi job is going ok I have found the change from FS coordinator to CCT very hard I really miss not having a class and the school setting
    The job is varied and interesting on a typical week I will spend time with the children and families during stay and play sessions, plan with the cc childcare team, work with children in small groups while parents are in training, visit our travellers community, advise and support our linked day care and 5 LA pre-schools, run family learning sessions, visiting local schools, plan and deliver events, work on displays and cc environment, staff meetings etc
    Hours are good start at around 8.30 and finish about 4!!! no work at home it is frowned upon!! I am on teachers pay and conditions so its term time and the job comes with a TLR
    I have been on loads of training, children's behaviour, SEAD, observation and assessment, music, communication, and loads of stuff our LA are working on like talk matters etc
    Our LA has appointed 6 new CCTs in January so we have had each other for support and we all get on really well all of our centres are different and have different issues so a typical week for one of them might be different to mine.
    Out of the 6 of us I am the only one who is not sure if this is the job for me, they all love it and are so happy I am still unsure
    I hope your interview goes well it really is an exciting change but it is <u>nothing</u> like teaching in a school so be sure that is what you want
  7. Hi there, I just wondered how the interview went for the children's centre post? I have an interview for a children's centre teacher coming up in the next week and have to do a planning activity, no mention of the age group, of whether I will have to teach what I have planned. The children's centre provides care on site to 22 children. Am very nervous about the interview, its my first as an NQT. The sound of the post was different and though I do love teaching in schools this sounded interesting.
    Any thoughts, would love to hear from people, thanks.[​IMG]
  8. hi there,
    my interview is next week too! just working on the presentation now, thats the tricky part! I haven't been told what age the chn will be or how many there will be either so that hard to plan for! whats the planning activity? what exactly are you expected to do?
  9. Hi there, sorry I took ages to reply, got the interview 2moz eeekkk!!! Have you had yours how's it gone if so? Nope, no clues at all about the planning activity, I keep reading through the letter they sent just to be sure i didnt miss anything!! But no clue, just to take a proforma!Bit strange!Hope it all goes well!
  10. had the interview this morning, it went ok, some tricky questions but think I managed to answer them ok, just got to wait to hear now.
    Hope yours has gone ok too, let us know how you got on!
  11. Had mine this morning too, waiting to hear now. The activity was to plan a weeks worth of planning for the children's centre on the theme of spring, not sure I did it the way they were expecting really, hmmmm. Will have to wait and see.
  12. I had my children centre teacher interview this morning and got the job! Can't believe it! So excited, can't wait to get my teeth into the role! Good luck girls x
  13. Hi, i have a interview for the same position, can you give me some helpful hints on the questions asked during the interview. Although i have good experience i am very nervous about the interview.
    many thanks

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