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Children needing the toilet during lessons

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by cally4, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. "The younger ones seem more hot headed"-What are you trying to say.

    Also from a 3year teaching i have noticed that i do not shout at pupils as talking to them gets a better response.

    Also my third point what is wrong with my spelling and etc as this is not during work i do not think it worry a lot.

    Also my forth point, Most teachers respect pupils and while on that topic give this to or three months also the issues with staff trowing rulers might of been the pupils where having a carry on in the class or the teacher was stressed from the last class
  2. I find that attaching my toilet pass to an actual loo seat which the child has to carry to avoid getting stopped on the corridor when going to the loo ensures that only the ones that really want to go ask.
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  3. >Also my third point what is wrong with my spelling >and etc as this is not during work i do not think >it worry a lot.
    You spelling is pretty dire, but what is worse is your grammar and punctuation. By punctuation, I refer to the fact that you use none. Although this is not during work, this forum IS read by parents, and we all have a professional duty to not bring teaching into disrepute. I've seen year seven pupils with better use of the English language than yours. I don't mean to sound horrible, I really don't, but it may be worth looking at some extra tuition?

    >also the issues with staff trowing rulers might of >been the pupils where having a carry on in the >class or the teacher was stressed from the last >class
    Sorry, but in what world is it right to throw things around the classroom? I wouldn't accept that from students with severe SEN. If the pupils "have a carry on", we're trained to deal with that professionally. If the teacher is stressed from the last class, DEAL WITH IT. Throwing things around a classroom was not good enough when I left school eleven years ago. It certainly is not good enough now. If I found a teacher was hurling things around a classroom my child was in, I'd be straight in front of the board of governors. I'm surprised we've not read about this in the Sun!

    Professionalism. It's a key word in this business.

    Rant is over now - good night!
  4. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    The lieracy skills test must be incredibly easy if it wassny me passed it. His/her posts are barely comprehensible.
  5. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter


    I can write and spell, but I have a wonky keyboard! :)
  6. In many schools it is simply not the case that toilet going during lessons is left to the teachers' discretion. If there is a blanket ban on toilet going in lessons there is a blanket ban. Full stop.

    Why should teachers face possible disciplinary action for allowing a child to go to the toilet when, as is the case most of the time in my experience, they could have gone at break or lunch time?

    If a child has a note from their parents to say they have a medical condition and need to be allowed to go to the toilet then the school I currently work in respects that. However, as teachers we have all been directed not to allow kids out for the toilet at any other time. Sadly it IS while out of class during lesson time that the fire alarms get let off, toilets get vandalised, kids meet up for a fag etc.

    It isn't simply a case of using our discretion. We cannot let them go to the toilet.
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  7. cally - oh yes you WOULD have a problem if the teacher had left the room to go on a toilet break in the middle of the lesson and your child had been hurt or ridiculed or her things had been stolen or damaged when this would be avoided if the teacher was in the room.

    Rugbylad has a good point - if your child needs on-demand access to toilet facilities then she must never go on any trips, or go to the cinema or anything else where access to the loo would be hard.

    If she needs to go to the loo more often than once every 2 hours then you need to take her to the doctor - maybe she has some infection.

    Like I said before, I stall kids and rarely refuse but schools have to create boundaries because otherwise all kids would be off for a 'loo break' and no work would get done.

    Tell your daughter to go as soon as she gets out the lunch hall, even if she doesn't feel like it. Once she gets there she'll probably go anyway and this will create more space for her drink.
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  8. This is an area in which my views have changed over the short time I have been teaching. My original view was that pupils could leave on request, once I had written a note and only one pupils at a time. I rarely had more than one or two ask and they knew that they had to wait until the class was settled to work before asking. I was content that only those in real need were asking. The school in which I was working employed a toilet attendent who recorded which pupils used the toilets and what time they arrived (reducing dawdling in the corridors etc).

    The next school in which I worked had a blanket ban - no pupils were allowed to use the toilets unless they had a medical pass. Even in that case they needed to go to reception for a key. After the first week or so while the pupils were checking that I knew and applied the rule I never had a single request. It occurred to me to wonder, what had happened to all the 'genuine' cases of need that I had happily accepted in my former school?

    Another term, another school. Now we have an 'almost blanket' ban. Teachers should only permit pupils to leave in the case of 'exceptional need'. Suddenly I'm back to two or three requests per lesson - including pupils who ask as they walk in the door after lunch. After my revelatory experience I am no longer such a soft touch. I normally respond "You know the rules..." at which point the vast majority return to their seats/work. Those who remain I judge to have some need and will, after a short delay, issue with a note - if they remind me. I'm down to less than one per day and nobody seems any worse for wear.

    Having said the above, I am generally more tolerant of Y7 as they seem to have come from environments where they could wander at will. I do make clear to them that they need to plan their personal regimes more closely now that they are in secondary and maturing.

    I hope that none of the above makes me sound like I dislike children or view them as the enemy, rather that I understand that there is rarely an urgent need to leave a lesson.
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  9. if a teacher left your child's class unattended you would complain. if, god forbid, anything happened while they were gone you would go mad. very simple - lesson time for learning, break time for peeing.
  10. This form has gave me much more help and more rules i spend and now i have think of a new rule for the loo and i think i might bring it up at the dept meeting.

    But who was it who had the big rant over my grammar and spelling and thanks i shall now use correct spelling just to make you all happy.

    And if we left to go to the toilets am sure some parents would have a complain to the school.
  11. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    Sentences with syntax we can understand would help too.
  12. We are not 'allowed' to let kids out of class during lesson time, so if you came in ranting about this situation, I would simply pass you on to the headteacher and make a mental note to put off your child from coming on any school trip, because I can't guarantee 'toilet on demand'.
    When asked for permission to go to the toilet in lessons, I say 'I'm sorry but the headteacher has instructed us not to let you out'. I tend then to check quietly a little later to see how desperate the situation is and explain that I might well get reprimanded if I let them go, but say that of course they can go if it's really urgent. This generally resolves the situation.
    To 'it wassny me'. Are you really a teacher?
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  13. cally4

    cally4 New commenter


    Thank you to the more reasoned responders. I have never and would never rant at another person! Its one thing to post on TES and ask for clarification when worried or upset following an event, but that doesnt mean as a parent I would be so rude as to rant to a member of staff anymore than I would like to be ranted at myself in my workplace. I wanted to understand what from my perspective seemed to be unreasonable behaviour and taking on board the various replies I can see this is quite an inflammatory topic. I do think those who use cards etc or allow those who are desperate to go seem more human and understanding of someone who needs to answer the call of nature ( prob less cynical about ulterior motives). My child's one request that time wasnt indicative of a persistent problem just a need at that time. She hasnt to my knowledge has a problem with needing to go at her previous school and this may have been a one off but it did and does upset me to think that kids may be desperate and unable to go or as one poster experienced, may have a period in the lesson. Clearly all schools are different as are staff in their approach to this. Having checked with a TA who works at the school they dont have a policy for staff its teacher discretion regarding using the loo. Thanks for your views.
  14. Cally4 this blog as been very useful and many of my staff have been reading it during lunch time and we know changed the loo rules.

    And cally4 i believe you never taken a rant ant anyone it more people been taking rants at me because of what i teach which is just very very sad.
  15. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    No. plenty of PE teachers have decent standards of literacy. You're just not one of them.
  16. Thanks, My English level is up to standard to teach and case closed.
  17. All those in favour of banning 'it wassny me' from this site say I. Obviously an iliterate ***** has accidentally infiltrated what was a respected profession, either that or some student with no life thinks this is all very funny!
  18. I think it wassny me has to be taking the ****! you would notice such obvious errors when people are commenting on spelling!

    "Cally4 this blog as been very useful and many of my staff have been reading it during lunch time and we know changed the loo rules."

    Come on!

  19. Speaking as a parent I do think if a child needs to go to the toilet they should be allowed to go(you get to know the ones who try it on). My youngest often has to go more than once in a short period of time. This is not to be annoying just how her bladder seems to work.
    A child may have gone to the toilet at lunchtime , but this doesnt need they dont have to go again shortly after - its happened to me often!

    Personally I would put a note in her planner or if shes too embarassed give her a letter to hand in if she has similar problems, I wouldnt want to alienate the teacher but if the probelms persists then have a quiet word.

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