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Children needing the toilet during lessons

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by cally4, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. Are you really a teacher it wassny me?
    What is it you don't believe in, I quote - "also i was told let girls out and don't let boys out but i don't and i don't belive in that"?
  2. Well what i do is they can use the toilet when they get changed and i also do the just before i start i do the who need loo go now or your no get go again till 45mins
  3. Some girls may use the 'girls problems' card when it isnt a genuine reason just to get out of lessons.

    I think this is what it wassny me is hinting at. Boys obviously cant use this reason!!
  4. I'm glad you're not my PE teacher wassny!
    Are you female?
  5. I work in secondary - we have a policy that they have a note in their hwk diary if they leave the room, including the toilet. If a child asks to go to the toilet I always say hold on a tick, ask me in a moment - the desperate ones will ask, the others forget. Just follow school policy - if parents complain it is not your actions - it's what you have been told to do.
  6. Our school now locks toilets during lesson time and those with medical passes have to go to office for key.

    The OP's daughter should have gone at dinner time
  7. cally4

    cally4 New commenter

    What depressing reading. I take it you view children as the enemy and not to be respected? The five mins between classes allows children to move from one room to another and with one lesson in a science block and the next in the english block its a long walk and loos for some reason are few and far between.The choice is detention for being late or risking the loo. At lunch time the queue in the ladies is huge and often kids darent risk it. Is it really difficult to understand how sometimes you dont want to go when its allowed, bodily functions dont always work that way. Perhaps the probs staff have with children is due to not respecting them at all. My daughter and her friends now dont drink during the day, not surprisingly many get headaches. The teacher got pay back today, a year 7 needed the loo was refused and she puked up in the class. I am really sad at such negative views from staff. They arent all bad you know.You surely have to deal with the bad apples and not punish all for the sake of a few people. Shouldnt you deal with those who are having you over and not treat them all with disrespect and such low expectations? My child came home asking why teachers dont seem to like children and you know I was dumbstruck, shes gone from loving staff at primary and enjoying education to feeling negative and worrying about stupid inconsequential things like needing the loo and not having a drink.Maybe your behaviour needs challenging, and your cynicism needs addressing.
  8. Think they need to do some fast growing up at secondary school and use break/dinner wisely, she doesn't have to go that long time before one of these surely.

    It would be nice to go to toilet whenever we liked but not the way it works in schools for staff or pupils.

    On duty days I can't get to a toilet until 12.55pm after starting teaching at 8.35am as have to do duty over break and teach rest of time so have to wait till lunch...things are a bit different in schools i think
  9. Just a note regarding queues at lunch times and loos being few and far between...

    I think that you will find that there are very strict rules on how many toilets a school has to have for the number of students on role. And staff have to have completely separate facilities.

    Planning your loo breaks is part of learning.
  10. I also find this somwhat depressing reading. I nearly always let pupils go to the loo when they ask. And I don't have huge numbers asking out of class.

    I only ever stop them if I think it's happened too often. Sometimes I ask the other pupils if the culprit has been out loads of times in other classes. They ALWAYS tell me. Then I have a word with Guidance [Scotland]: form teacher [England](?)

    I once had a hilarious time with a low ability group of 15/16 year olds. A group of pupils , and one boy in particular, was always asking out - for a fag break, I realised. I discussed it with the class, let them vote on it, and ended up with the contract that he was allowed to go to the toilet only once a month. The class loved it. When he asked out, there was always a discussion about whether he really needed to go, because it was the last time that month. None of the other problematic kids ever asked out again. And it was so ridiculous it created a good relationship between me and the rest.
  11. I'm glad someone else asked it wasnnyme if they're really a teacher. Are you?? You need to get a bit of perspective and empathy; you don't teach any written subjects either do you? These are children you're working with. (That applies to a lot of you actually.)Yes, they do need to learn to work within certain limiting settings, but judgement and discretion are part of your professional role.
  12. On one hand if they need to go let them go, but on the other hand.. peticularly after years 8 or 9 they just use it as an excuse to run off, meet friends and often cause trouble outside lesson.
    Generally its an idea to let them go with a note but if you suspect they havnt just gone to the toilet then don't let them go again! and warn them off this beforehand!
  13. Well i am a teacher but i only go by what the rules state and i was told off once for letting a pupil go to the toilet which i found very shocking and i will tell you today i have changed then system of my toilet system and i told all my class today if they need the toilet tell me after i talked or during the lesson and i will let them go. but also a thing is our department loos are locked due to there not under school and often the children have to spend maybe 10mins going to the toilets which i also find sad but i do know how your child feels cammy a lot new school pupils will feel this give them till after October holidays and when the rules will be out window but it be unlikely there loads of girls waiting for the loos due to a school must have a amount loos depends on how many children there is.

    Also you might want make the toilet problem aware to maybe the PTA or a school board ]

    also my name "it wassny me" is the phrase i get a lot as many children say it when they done something
  14. Sorry Cally4 if you find this

    'depressing reading. I take it you view children as the enemy and not to be respected?'

    We do not view the children as the 'enemy' and I am offended that you should sugest this. Children will be children and some will try it on and some do get up to the antics described when asking to go to the loo. It dusrupts the teaching and learning in the whole school when one child sets off a fire alarm,for example, when pretending to want the toilet. We are also only 2 weeks into the new school year and still trying to get to know our new year 7 pupils so we cannot always tell which pupils 'are having us over' as you put it. School rules are usually applied strictly in the first few months so that children soon learn their boundaies and understand what is expected of them and we find out which pupils will push the boundaries and which ones don't. I think that many of the suggestions on here are sensible to enable the undisrupted learning in the classroom but to enable pupils with a genuine need to go if they need to. I'm affraid I find it difficult to beleive that you daughter cannot find 5 mins in her lunch hour to go to the loo. Children often get distracted in their play and forget about the loo until the bell goes for the end of lunch. Sugest to her that she goes on her way into or our of the lunch hall. Make sure she has a watch so she can move to her lesson before the end of lunch giving her time to go to the loo. Have you had the quiet chat with the teacher to find out what is going on?
  15. it wassny me
    I think I questioned your status due to your literacy standards!
  16. I really can't formulate a coherent response to cally4 as it has got me into a bit of a rage.

    I suppose if your daughter wasn't allowed to go on a school trip because there are no toilets as and when required on a motorway there would be a complaint about that too.

    The main response on here seems to be that we do not let pupils out of class for the toilet whenever they like - ergo, we are accused of seeing children as the enemy. Honestly!

    No wonder there's so little respect for teachers from pupils when parents hold such views.

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  17. When I was doing my teaching practise I got into trouble from the head teacher for leaving 9 year 11 pupils in the Library with the librarian so that I could use the toilet which was next door. The pupils were never left alone but as the HT said, I was the one that was responsible if anything ever happened to them while I was supposed to be teaching them. Since then I have had a firm policy with all of my classes that when I am allowed to walk out whenever I need to - then they can..... However I came unstuck when a shy new year 7 didn't even let me know that he needed to go - he never came back to the school.

    Since then I still say no - regardless of age or gender but now I do exercise some judgement, and I usually find that if somebody really needs to go they will ask quietly and tell me they are desperate - you get to recognise sincerety.
  18. cally, how would you feel if i left your child's class while i went to the loo? i have less time at breaks and lunch then the pupils do - should i leave lessons to wee? do i not get perods as well?
    i am not asking anything of the pupils that i do not do myself. you are being unreasonable.
    what if something happens to your child while she is unattended - what if some vandalism takes place and they are out of class? who does the finger point to first? would you like me to put the poor mite in that position? no, then they had better use the toilet in the breaks and lunch times provided and stay safely in the classroom - like i do
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  19. cally4

    cally4 New commenter

    strangely enough if you needed the loo i would not have a problem!!!My child's experience of professional teachers has been interesting. One member of staff has sworn, another has hurled a ruler across the room and quie a vast number seem to shout. Many parents do respect teaching staff, often the old school type, funnily enough those members of staff are often the favourites too. The younger ones seem more hot headed and less professional and rigid with the loo rule. I am afraid I dont agree with you and we shall have to agree to differ. The loo cards work with other teachers, the ones who are prepared to risk trusting children.As for some children and parents not respecting staff well that may be deserved you know. My late father was a deputy head of a school (secondary) and well respected and had high expectations of children. My partner is a probation officer and sees the poorly behaved kids and we have no illusions but i still believe using the toilet is a right not a privilege.
  20. "The younger ones seem more hot headed".......total opposite to my school

    And I don't see how shouting is an issue in terms of being professional....every teacher has different ways of dealing with classes
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