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Children contacting parents whilst away on residential trip.

Discussion in 'School trips' started by seaview13, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. I have been running Year 6 residential trips in my school for a few years now. We have a no contacting parents whilst away policy, explaining that it seems more unsettling for the children to have contact, plus the fact that we are taking 40 children this year and it would take hours to get through them all.
    I have noticed over the years that the children possess more and more items which enable them to communicate without the use of a phone such as i-touch or i-pads which they can use wireless connections to facetime etc and that it is becoming more difficult to police. My initial feelings are that we just don't have to tell the children that there is internet connections, but it got me thinking why? What is the big deal in contacting parents? I am worried about not really knowing who the children could be speaking to and that they would have unsupervised access to the internet, but that aside, what are your feelings about no contact with parents?
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Some years back when mobile pones started to get popular with kids (most staff didn't have one) we had a trip ruined by kids constantly phoning home to maon. Typical things would be 'They are trying to make me eat beans' (beans were an option, no-one had to choose them) 'They are making me clean the toilets' (said child had thrown lots of toilet tissue on the floor and had been told to pick it up). Parents would phone the school, the school would phone the centre which would then have to ask one of us to phone back (because none of us owned mobiles) and then we would have to justify the kids complaint! Then there was the time that a phone went missing. The letters for the trip had said that all valuable items were brought at the kid's risk and so when we refused to stop what we were doing to look for it the kid borrowed another phone and called home. School called the centre, we called back and school said we had to look for the phone! So we stopped the activity, sat all the kids down in the dining room and them took each kid, 1 by one to their dorm and searched their belongings. That took 3 hours! The phone turned up under the mattress of the kids who lost it! When we got back to school all the staff said that that would be the last residential trip they would take unless phones were banned! Now when we run the trip we collect the phones when we get there after they have phoned to say they got there safely. They get the phones back for 1 hour in the evening and then hand them back. If we see a phone at any other time they lose it until we get back to school. The kids get their phones back as they board the bus home.


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