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Children apparently underperforming in KS2 SATs - my fault?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jumad, May 12, 2011.

  1. jumad

    jumad New commenter

    Thanks for all the supportive comments. I understand what you all say about corporate responsibility but I feel so down that someone who knows how much effort I've put in to this year's cohort, would want to make one of his "team" feel that they've failed.
  2. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    I think that that's their problem, not yours.
  3. jumad

    jumad New commenter

    My logical brain agrees with you Markuss, the emotional side is hurt.
  4. It's not your fault at all. You said it in the title - KS2 SATS - it is all of Key Stage 2, not just Year 6 that influences it. If the children make good progress all through Key Stage 2 they will do well. I'm sure you did amazing in preparing them!

    The results reflect the school = reflects the headteacher, they sound like they are trying to shift any blame just in case. You know the tests better than the head does as you use them as you teach and prepare the children. Who told you they did well? Probably someone who knows the children much better!
  5. After nearly 15 years of teaching, 9 of which in Y6 I can tell you that generally, Where parents are concerned, the teacher almost always gets the blame if the results are dire, but if they're good the school/HT gets all the praise! Your head can't possibly know what the results are like unless he marked them before sending them off. That is against the rules as they are supposed to be recorded and sealed immediately after the test has finished.

    A good head will know if there are weak links in the year group which are going to let the side down and will know BEYOND DOUBT that the class teacher is not to blame. In a school with a high percentage of SEN pupils it will damage results - especially in a small school!

    If you are worried, make sure you have previous data to compare the results with when they come back - assuming you are allowed to see them! I have known heads who keep it a big secret and others who let t he CT go through to find the glitches.

    Good luck and try to put it out of your mind for the next few weeks.

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