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Childminders- paying for term time only?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by sarah9, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Hello,
    I am hoping to find a childminder for my baby when I return PT in September. I had found a lovely one, who said she was happy to charge for term time only as I'm a teacher, but unfortunately don't think she can do the days I will need. I was just wondering how common it is for childminders to agree to teachers paying just in term time? Please let me know your experiences.
    Thanks, Sarah
  2. My two have a lovely childminder who charges half fee for holidays. this is basically to "keep their space" on her register, as she looks after children through the holidays herself. As far as I am aware, it is very rare for childminders to not charge for holidays - you're very lucky if you can get one. Nurseries charge full price no matter what!
  3. Added an edit which went off into cyberspace somewhere! Have you got confirmed days from your school yet? If not, try and get them to confirm dates with negotiation, and you may get the days (and the childcare) you want. Good luck - it's a minefield!!
  4. Hiya,
    Days haven't been confirmed yet, as not going back till Sept and Head has a couple of ideas about where she will put me and who I will job share with. TBH I'm just so relieved that they've agreed in principle to letting me go back PT, I can't quibble too much over which days, but Head said she would let me know by end of March.
    Thanks, Sarah
  5. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    My daughter's nursery has a term-time only option. I teach 2 days a week and during the holidays she doesn't have a nursery space, so I only pay for termtime, but in the long holidays I may put her in for a couple of days to keep her in the routine a bit. I'd be annoyed if I wasn't sending her and still paying, and as it's a 30 min drive away from home (v close to work) it would be a bit pointless doing it a lot. If a nursery could work out for you, check your local ones!
  6. My CM didn't charge in school holidays because she preferred to look after teachers' kids because she liked the time with her own kids in hols. Another one I looked at charged half in hols. One nursery I looked at had a term time only option, but the one she's at now doesn't do term time only until they are nearly 3.
  7. Hi Sarah,
    How are things with you? I have just arranged childcare for my return to work in late May. I met with lots of childminders most of whom wanted to charge something to 'hold' place over school hols- usually half fees. One lady as beachhut found too didn't want to work school hols so was happy with that arrangement. The lady we liked the most and have made arrangements with does something slightly different; she charges two hourly rates, one for parents who want term time only (20p more per hour)and one for 'full time' if that makes sense? As we will rarely use her in school hols we have opted to pay 20p more per hourterm time only rate. She does work in august and i may try to use her for the odd short session a little towards the end of august so that my little one doesn't totally get out of the habit of going.
  8. My son is in nursery full time term time but we pay just 1 day per week in the hols. My work friend uses a childminder and she pays just term time only. Both are in N Yorkshire
  9. I'm in the south and have a childminder. I pay for term time only but I pay for 8-5.30 195 days a year divided by 12, so pay a set amount per month.
  10. We use a nursery and get a 40% reduction when LO is not there. It was our intention to send her for a day each hols - she's only 2 days a week - however, invariably relatives visit or we visit them and then she ends up not going to nursery but gallavanting with us all hols! We really want her to go in as usual for the Easter hols tho, OH and I are desperate for some time with just the two of us. Or maybe that's just me and he's quite happy!
  11. I cheekily said to my nursery I was looking for a term time only place and they accepted it!
  12. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My 2 children are going to nursery when I go back to work on a term-time only contract, so it can be done at nursery too.
    My son used to go to a childminder who charged half pay for the half terms, and £10 a week in the Summer holidays.
  13. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    [​IMG] My son has been going to nursery once a week since August while i've been on maternity leave with no. 2! He went to his CM when i first went on maternity leave.
    I'm going back to work on 0.5 in April, 2 days one week, 3 the other, but can only do the same days each week at nursery, so i'll get 1 day a fortnight to myself. I'm looking forward to the peace!
  14. My childminder doesn't charge me anything for the school holidays, I think she takes other children in place of my daughter.

    I spread the cost of her hours over 12 months, so she gets paid 12 equal monthly payments, so that her income doesn't vary hugely, and our outgoings are the same each month.

    I know some people who have to pay a retainer fee during the school holidays, I think it's quite common but very annoying, if your child isn't there......there are loads of parents who need childcare during school holidays!
  15. hhhh

    hhhh Lead commenter

    I asked my friend who is one, and she said, how would you like not to be paid for holidays, and mat leave, and sickleave? I replied that in my present post I'm not! Butshe said that's the norm
  16. pachamama

    pachamama New commenter

    Hi Sarah9 I posted similar a few weeks ago.
    I have found a childminder who will charge me slightly more each day (£40 instead of £35) But will do it over 40 weeks. Which will save me a fortune. As I have 2 children, one going to nursery.
    If I'd sent my baby to a nursery 4 days a week it would have cost more per day and they do it over 50 weeks. Ouch!!
    Good luck.
  17. Have you guys worked out what the actual hourly rate they are being paid is? For all that responsibility, its really not much and less than minimum wage in many cases. Please bear this in mind. My partner is a childminder and works so hard, 10 hours a day. I know childcare is expensive, but I really don't think childminders are being greedy asking for a retainer in the hols. Its rare they can find kids to have in the hols to make up the difference.
  18. Ms Media- yes I see where you are coming from, but I'm sure you can see our situations too, if we can avoid paying in the long holidays that we are fortunate to have, and if family finances are tight, then of course we will.
    All seems to have worked out well for me- my childminder has said that she prefers term-time only contracts as she likes to have the school holidays free herself. So we are both happy. She also knows another childminder who fills many of her holiday spaces with school age children whose parents can't take much of the school holidays off work, so it goes to show that sometimes there are solutions that can please everybody.
    Hope that anyone else looking for childcare finds what they are hoping for.
  19. Good news Sarah! When are you back? Is it part time? Time has flown. imback to work 3 days in a month's time x

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