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Child working below Level 3 but management pressure to still enter Year 6 Maths NCA (SATS)

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by 09Maria, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. I am very concerned about a child in my class who is working at a mid to high 2 in maths (on a good day). She has poor attendance and the pressure we are putting on her to improve in maths is really not helping with this issue. I have voiced strongly to management that I do not think it is right that she will sit the 3-5 papers as it will be demoralising and I do not believe she will reach a level 3. She didn't score any marks in the first past paper we did and in the most recent she achieved 8/ 100 (still about 10 marks below a level 3) and this was with heavy support that would be above what we could offer during the formal test in May.

    Management are worried as the low attainment of this child has not really been bought to their attention until this year and much has been blamed on poor attendance. However, I strongly believe covering up for past failings of the school are not an appropriate reason for the child to be sitting the test. She is already getting a vast amount of support in class, group and 1:1. I am waiting for an Ed Psych assessment but this won't be until after the pupil registration deadline so this doesn't help.

    I have been asked to hold judgement until closer until the deadline to enter but I can see there is a real issue with maths for this child and I can't see much changing but I think my arm is going to be twisted to make her sit the assessments. Is there anything I can do? My teacher assessment will be a Level 2 but is it the headteacher's final decision as to whether she will sit it? Has anyone been in a similar situation?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

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