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Child with chronic condition discharged from OT

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by glitterpixie, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. After some advice, hoping someone out there can help?

    I teach reception in a mainstream school and have a child in my class with a physical disability that she will have for life and will likely get worse as she gets older. It is currently developing and changing all the time, rarely for the better.

    She has been discharged from Occupational Therapy (due to their system and necessity to meet targets to discharge children after a certain number of weeks). I have held them off for as long as possible by refusing to agree to discharge her at our meetings, but they have discharged her without consulting me, it just arrived in a letter.

    We have the option to re-refer her in 9 months and I am furious!

    Is this normal for a child with chronic physical needs? Do we have to accept this or can we argue?

    Her mum and I have been calling the OT daily but have not yet been able to speak to her or had any of our calls returned. Probably because they don't consider her to be under them anymore.

    I can't imagine transition from reception to year 1 in a mainstream school is going to be easy for this little one, and I am certain she is going to need some occupational therapy type adjustments to make it easier - are we supposed to just make it up until 9 months later?

    Any advice welcome. I am very keen to fight this decision. Thank you. (Also posted in SEN forum)

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