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Child with a broken arm

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by katycustard, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    First day back at term and I already need the help of you experienced HTs again!
    I am in a nursery school and one of our little ones has turned up with a broken arm. I wondered what, if anything, I needed to do. I can do a risk assessment, and we can provide help with toileting etc. but wasn't sure if there was any formal guidance on situations like this.
  2. As long as the RA covers playtimes, moving about etc you should be ok. Did you find out how it happened? I usually make a note of breaks & major bruises and reasons given just in case it happens again.
  3. My middle one started school with his arm in plaster. I don't remember anything particular being a major problem, except that his big brother had to carry his tray at lunch time!
    Everyone made a really big fuss of him and I suspect he rather enjoyed the attention...
    C x
  4. katycustard

    katycustard Occasional commenter

    Thanks, I finally got through to someone in our LA who said I need to get the parents to sign a form saying that the broken arm was an existing injury!!
    She was playing at home and just tripped over. She's been fine at school today thankfully.

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