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Child who can't stop talking/interupting....

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by vix62, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    I work in a SEN school working with a KS1 class of varying abilities, generally from P2 to P8. I have a child who is absolutely lovely but never stops talking and interupting. As you can imagine, it's driving me slightly crazy! He's one of the brightest in my class and it's great having conversations with him but I want him to learn when it's ok to talk and when he should listen. I know it won't happen overnight, I just would like him to be working on it...
    Hence, I'm thinking of giving him this as a target on his new IEP. I'm just not sure how to word it and what strategies to use to help him to succeed. I'm thinking of having symbols to use with him that are dangling from my pants like, ' Listen' and 'Time to talk' or something like that, so that I can show them quickly when needed. I think he would respond well to this as he is on the autistic spectrum and symbols work well with him. What do you think and does anyone have any other suggestions that have worked well for them?
  2. Target 'to put hand up during class discussions' give him symbol for quiet when you want him listening. Sit next to a ta who can give gentle, quiet reminders when necessary
  3. What is he talking About? If its positive and constructive then I feel he should be encouraged under your schools gifted and talented cohort. Maybe withdrawal if possible to extend his learning. If its utter rubbish then you need to get to the bottom of it. Maybe he is isolated at home and schools is the only place he can vent his thoughts etc. Pair him up with a slightly older mentor from your school. rather than dealing with what appears punitive punishments for your peace you should foster and nurture him further. Id get him teaching to the class and demonstrating if he's the best student.

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