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Child lead planning

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by anna_clarke79, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. anna_clarke79

    anna_clarke79 New commenter

    Has anyone any ideas or advice for child led planning and evaluation for preschoolers that isn't very time consuming.
  2. TeacherMan19

    TeacherMan19 Occasional commenter

    That's a big question with not a simple answer. I take a research based approach. I look at how the children are using the classroom, evaluate an area of learning where there is possibility to extend - this could be an interest by the children. Or sometimes I identify an area of the classroom which isn't being utilised enough and look at what I can do to make it more appealing for children. Then you are identifying a direct area every day/week and constantly improving and driving change and experimentation. There's always something you can improve.
  3. bekastks

    bekastks New commenter

    Agreed. I always observe to find out children's interests as well then translate this into lesson plans. I'll also sometimes ask children what they like and what they would like to learn. I write down their answers and begin planning based on their answers. Sometimes you don't get much from their answers, sometimes their answers are wild, and sometimes you get some good ideas!

    Observing and really knowing your children is the best approach to this in my opinion. Communicate with them, listen to their stories, and observe their play; you will figure it out easily.

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