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Child friendly IEPs?

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by janethis, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I am the SENCo and at our recent Inspection our IEP format was used. We use IEP writer but the team felt that they weren't child friendly ....so I was wondering whether anybody would share with me what they use? How theirs are done?

  2. We use a CD ROM with a child friendly format purchased by our SENCo, after attending a course. It produces colourful IEPs from templates, the headings are in 'child speak' (Things I find difficult... My targets are... etc!) and are to be completed with the child. However, there is no bank of statements as there is with IEP Writer - we used to use that software too! We base our targets on 'Letters and Sounds' and the objectives/I can statements from the new literacy and numeracy strategies - obviously broken down into small steps and at the appropriate level for the child!

    I think I have found the correct item on the web - Pupil Friendly IEPs by Gillian Shotton.

    Hope this is of some help!
  3. Thanks, I might just make my own template.....part of the problem with IEP writer (in our school) is that teachers aren't altering any of the statements so to not have a bank of statements would be helpful - iyswim?

    I had heard of that book by Gillian Shotton but wasn't sure if it was any good.
  4. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

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  5. Winnie Woo

    Winnie Woo New commenter

    We use the Gillian Shotton templates. The cd rom comes with a book and the templates are really simple with nice cartoons. I think they're by Lucky Duck publications. It was quite cheap too, about £20 and you can copy it onto different computers.

    We used to use IEP writer, but they weren't child or parent friendly. Also I found as a teacher that it was too easy to click on a target than to think about what the child really needs. I'd definitely recommend the Lucky Duck ones.
  6. Could you send me a copy of one of these templates i have got to hand them in by tomorrow and did not copy the ones we use off the school network Thank you B

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