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child care and shift work

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by bunique, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. Try contacting your local Family Information Service (at the council) - they keep a list of all registered child care in your area and may be able to advise which ones are flexible enough to accomodate shift work :)
  2. Some childminders round our way are happy do this as long as you pay for a set number of hours each week even if you don't use all of them and then if you need more hours then you obviously pay for them, it may be worth contacting them and asking. Or if you know someone with a nanny could you nanny-share for those hours?
  3. Hello I work 0.8 and my OH works shifts. He has a 12 week shift rota but he has LO on his days off in the week and in the mornings when he is on lates. Our LO attends nursery and they have been more than happy to accomodate LO when OH is at work although we do have to give them a 3 month rota in advance! I appreciate that nursery isnt for everyone but it works well for us and fortunately our nursery has been very flexible. Good luck it can work xxxxxx
  4. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My husband works shifts, and I work 0.5 (well, i'm on maternity leave at the moment). He does one week of earlies and one week of lates, and he does the occasional weekend day, so if he works a Sunday he has the following Friday off, and if he works a Saturday he has the previous Monday off.
    I still used to take our son to the childminder on my way to work when my husband was on lates as he doesn't drive, so it was easier for me to do it. When he was on earlies he was home before me so if I had a meeting he would walk and collect him (it's just over a mile away). He could've taken him on lates, but a round trip is a bit of a walk when he has to get ready for work.
    When he had his rest day in the week and our son stayed at home, the childminder charged half pay.

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