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chicken pox - how long will I need off?!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by mac78, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. My little one has come home from nursery with chicken pox. At the moment, thankfully, she doesn't seem to be suffering too much but there are still spots appearing... Over how many days do they usually keep appearing for? I looked on patient.co.uk, but it didn't give me much idea - just that she will be feeling mcuh better within a week. I can't take her back to nursery until the last spot has scabbed over.
    What are your experiences?
  2. Oh no! get your some ViraSoothe works much better and quiker than camomile. My daughter has it at 1yr. Only thing that worked was ViraSoothe and she doesn't have any scars. Also piriton works for night time when really itchy...
    Your LO can go back to nursery once the pox have crusted over. My daughter came down with it on a Wednesday and she went back to nursery the following Tuesday. Lucikly my mum has her on a thursday and I'm off friday so I only took one day.
  3. My daughter got all her spots within 2 days and she was off school for 5 days. However, my son was still getting new spots when his first ones had scabbed and he was off for 9 days. Hope this helps!
  4. Thanks both of you, the gel stuff seems to help a little bit - she's got loads round her bottom and keeps doing this funny shuffle sitting on the floor trying to scratch them. I shouldn't laugh... I reckon her first two spots were there in the bath on Monday, and she's still getting new spots today - she is covered! So I reckon she'll need all next week off too - so more like your little boy KitMaff. As long as she's not still infectious a week on monday.... we've booked an (expensive!) week away with our friends and their toddler cos we were so sick of being housebound. Between the four doses of tummy bug, conjunctivitis, nasty cough, nasty sore throat, morning sickness (the only thing not to get all three of us!) I feel like we've barely left the house since the beginning of October. The only thing we've done is go back to work to get new germs. Grrr. Goddamn dirty nursery and school!
  5. My son had chicken pox when he was two and a half. It was a week before he could go back to the childminder / pre school. It has to be a minimum of 5 days and when the spots have crusted over and also they are well in themselves. x

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