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Chestnut Stuffing

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by JoJo37, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Hi CQ sorry for the slow reply. Thanks very much for helping me out. I have bought the ingredients and am going to try it tomorrow.
    I have fresh not frozen chestnuts though, is this ok?
  2. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Hi me again, is it ok to put in fridge overnight and then cook? Also how many degrees centigrade?
    Thanks again.
  3. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Hi me again. Hope you are there. I made this last year and it went down very well, it's been requested again this year.
    Is it better to put in the fridge uncooked? Or cook today and just heat through tomorrow?
  4. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    if you have time and or space, cook it tomorrow, if not warm it up!
  5. JoJo37

    JoJo37 New commenter

    Hi Elfie thanks for the reply. Space is the problem in the oven. Wondering what it would be like warmed up and how long it would take.
  6. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    should be fine

    if you slice it, pop it onto the plate while they are warming in the oven, should be fine, esp as you're gonna pour hot gravy etc on top!

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