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Chester PGCE Primary??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Rinkadink2009, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. Hi peeps
    Just wondering if there any fellow Chester applicants? I applied just over two weeks ago, know it's much too early to hear anything, but still checking GTTR track about a million times a day! [​IMG]
  2. Hi! I've also applied. Have you heard anything yet?? I applied a week later than you, my reference was a bit late which set me back a (crucial) week :( I check my emails about 4 times an hour! Im getting worried they won't replytill after December 1st which would mean if it's a definate no I might not get a chance with my second choice! Fingers crossed for a reply soon! Good luck
  3. So nice to hear from a fellow Chester applicant!!! They have had my application for four weeks now and haven't heard anything! I am also becoming slightly obsessed with tracking via GTTR!! Think I may call them if don't hear by the end of the week as I am worrying about missing out on the second choice; have applied for Manchester Met, and I know that they are interviewing at the moment. Will post on here if I hear anything soon. Thanks, and good luck!! [​IMG]
  4. Definately let me know if you hear anything, I wonder if they are just going to reply to everyone all together?! Let me know what they say on the phone if you call them. I only hope if they do that it's before December 1st. My second choice is Edge Hill, and I know they are really popular too so by December 2nd they will probably be closed! I presume they are interviewing now too.
  5. Hi, I applied about a week ago, obviously haven't heard anything back yet, really nervous though as I hear Chester is solid to get in. Glad there are some more applicants on here though, be useful to compare notes if we get chosen for interview!!! [​IMG]

  6. Good to hear from you!! Yep, I have heard the same about Chester, I keep hearing from various teachers/students at the school I work in (but don't know how true this is is) that the competition is tough, to the point where they prefer candidates to have a First!!! I Arrgggh! If either of you hear anything let me know, the not knowing part is the worst bit! I am planning to get in touch with them over the next few days, so will keep you posted!! [​IMG]
  7. Hi! Did you call them?? If so, what did you find out? Im very conscious it is the 1st December next week! xxx
  8. Hi
    Called Chester, and I have an interview in 2 weeks! They advised me that I will get a confirmation letter through shortly, although "Track" hasn't updated to show this! Fingers crossed you both hear from them shortly. Keep in touch and let me know! x
  9. Congratulations and good luck [​IMG]!!!! keep us informed about how you get on. I'l let you know when I recieve a reply.
  10. I called Chester too and found out I have an interview on the 9th December! Awaiting my letter. Vary worried now. Lots of work to do! xxx
  11. Great news Blueratty! Your interview is same day as mine... Totally agree, tons of preparation to do now! x
  12. I have an interview that day as well! Really nervous about it too! x
  13. Hi Hancah14, nice to hear from you...it's going to be a long day, really hope we get on the course! Does anyone have any idea as to how many places there are?x
  14. Hi guys,
    I rung Chester I have my interview on December 16th!!! Nervous already. Haven't had my letter through yet. Does the letter give much information on what to prepare? Good luck everyone!!!!
  15. Think there are 25 or 28 one or the other...
  16. Hi alun_t1986
    Good news about the interview! The letter gives a schedule of the day, ie. maths, english. science tests; followed by group observation exercise, individual presentation (they give you about 14 titles to choose from on the letter), and individual interviews. They also advise you to take a portfolio of any work you have done in schools.
    Hi Hancah, thanks for the info on the number of places-I know that some people have already been accepted onto the course, so not much pressure on us! Just want to get on with Wednesday now....! Anyway, back to the preparation!
    : )
  17. Hi all, good luck today with your interview today!!!! [​IMG] let me know how it goes!!! mine is next wednesday and i'm super nervous about it!!! lol.
  18. p.s. my 'track' still hasn't updated, i thought it did when I confimed my interview?
  19. Hi alun_t
    Thanks for the post, try not to worry too much about it, everyone was lovely-staff and fellow applicants; the tests weren't too bad, and neither were the presentation/group sessions! Now begins the wait...
    By the way my track hasn't updated either to show the interview..just worrying as if GTTR don't hear within a certain timeframe, they record the decision as unsuccessful! [​IMG]
  20. Hi Al

    Just a quick post to wish you good luck for tommorrow! Let us know how it goes!

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