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Chemistry A Level - Help needed!

Discussion in 'Science' started by Beta_1, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. Get onto the AQA web site - I think theres a SoW on there.

    Practical equipment - look at the ISAs as soon as they are released each year - often includes some slightly off the wall chemicals.

    We use Oxford Uni Press resources - OxBox pack for AS got us up and running pretty well, didn't get the A2 one but we had enough experience to survive without.

    Key is getting the entrance requirements right -my school keeps going for numbers and wondering why the pass rate is low - that would be because half the class have E targets and didn't manage to get more than a C at GCSE maths....
  2. mm38

    mm38 New commenter

    There is an outlined scheme of work on AQA. Plus the PSA tasks and previous exam papers. I find www.chemsheets.co.uk very handy as it has is written for AQA.
    The RSC also has lots of useful websites including ones with practical clips and industrial video clips.

  3. The above advice is good. I would add Chemguide as another useful online resource.

    Looking at the original post, do you mean that you are a non-chemist attempting to teach A-level or just that you are a chemist not used to teaching sixth-form.
    If the latter, then I would strongly urge you to get a bit of additional training before attempting it even if only for the Health and Safety angle since the chemicals you are handling will be that bit nastier than at GCSE. There are some difficult concepts to pass on and, although sites like this are great to help with little details of problems, they cannot help with the big ones. There are lots of courses out there.

    If the former, and I doubt this is what you mean, then I suggest that you need to explain to your leaders that it will be extremely difficult for you to proceed. It would not be fair to your students or you to set off on this course without a great deal of support.
  4. Thank you everyone who's responded! Any other advice or resources gratefully received.
  5. The AQA approved Nelson Thornes textbook 'AQA Chemistry' is great, you can use it as a guide to work through the course. The exams seem a very close fit to it. My son is doing Edexcel, but he uses my AQA book as he says it is much better. It also has a good set of exam type questions at the end of each chapter (I can let you have the answers if you like).

    The powerpoints at http://www.knockhardy.org.uk/ are excellent resources as well.

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