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chembakolli!!!! help!!!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by jaylea, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Hi there!!!
    Any chance I can have a copy of the plans too?
  2. Hi,
    There is a new Chembakolli pack and some free downloads here:

  3. I am a year 4 teacher and have taught this many times. I have videos and the oxfam teaching pack to go with this. It as teachers pack and worksheets.

    I will try to upload x
  4. Gosh you've been doing a stirling job of supporting all these requests for your planning - you must be feeling somewhat overwhelmed! I think this forum shows what a demand there is for information about teaching Chembakolli. There are lots of places for teacher's to turn - as someone has pointed out in a previous post the QCA scheme is on the website, the Geographical Association has a `Super Scheme' for `A village in India' and Action Aid has a terrific new pack out.
    Jill Gratton produced a unit of work that can be found on the Geography teaching Today website here you will find Jill's PowerPoint about teaching the unit and her Medium Term Plan.
    There's also an excellent unit produced by Kathryn Hindmarsh thant integrates music and story with the teaching of geography: Music; an Indian journey
    Having just returned from India I have some photos and a Google Map that are linked to my own vist to a different village (probably around 100 miles from Chembakolli). You can find links to my village in India: Silvepura, on my blogs EverydayGeographies and Primary Geography
    I think my last message would be - you don't have to teach Chembakolli though. There is much greater freedom to teach about other places too and there has never been a statutory requirement to teach about Chembakolli.
    Why not start from your own experiences of geography in the world - after all children (and adults love to hear the stories we can tell from our own experience). You won't be able to create a locality pack but you could put together video diaries, locate the places you visit on a Google Map, share your photographs, take Barnaby with you even. It's time to feel a bit freer around what we are teaching in geography and to involve you and your children in the idea of `personal geographies'.
    Let me know if you try some of thes ideas. We at the Geographical Association would love to hear from you.

  5. I'm an NQT starting the Chembakolli topic in September and wondered if you would send your things to me to please?
    Thanks, Lucy
  6. Sorry could i have a copy too pretty please! I am moving to year 4 in sept. Do you by any chance know of any good books from india that could be used for the new framework unit stories from other cultures- makes sense to make the topic link to lit but i cant find anything! thanks
    email addy is jencipko@hotmail.com
  7. Is there any chance at all I could get a copy of these plans too? If anyone could forward them I would appeciate it sooo much! Thank you.

    Email is orinoko_100@hotmail.com
  8. Hi - could you please forward me the plans for Chembokolli. I would be extremely gratefu.

  9. Please don't forget that Chembakolli is a geography topic which is aimed at helping our children in the UK understand `how other people live in the world today'. It is about understanding `place' - what places are like; how people live there; what people do there; how their lives are influenced by the environment in which they live; how typical their lifestyle is compared with that of other groups of people in India. Although the suggestions made here sound like a lot of fun and I'm sure children will enjoy them some sound more like `DT' than geography. You need to think carefully about what you want your children to learn. I did some work with a Year 3/4 class where our title was `What does it feel like to wash an elephant?', based on the Action Aid photopack. Please be creative BUT help children to develop creative and critical thinking too.
  10. Obviously been a while now, but if you have the india plans and resources would love to take a look. simmo1969@hotmail.com
  11. zenzuata

    zenzuata New commenter

    Is this thread still going ? Poor you ! Anyway, if you want me to host your gubbins, let me know by an email in TES - I've spare bandwidth ! :-D
  12. Hello, could you email me a copy of anything you have? I am a year 5 teacher that is covering chembakolli after Christmas and my literacy topic is stories from other cultures. Would be greatly appreciated of you could send anything you have :) thank you

  13. Hi,

    Do you still have these plans? If so could I have a copy?



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