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chembakolli!!!! help!!!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by jaylea, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. If anyone can send me a copy I would be v grateful! Thanks in advance if you can!

  2. Please may i have a copy of your chembakolli plans and resources..Thank you

  3. If anyone still has the planning and resources metioned here I would be really grateful if you could email it to me, thanks. spenellum@hotmail.com
  4. books1990

    books1990 New commenter

  5. MsK


    I'd love some help, we are doing the whole cross curricular approach at school this year so although I don't have problems with that at all, trying to link everything in is taking lots of time.
  6. Hi, I am doing the Chembakolli topic this year and have become a little stuck with how to make it exciting! I am an NQT and am therefore in need of help! If anyone can assist then please could you email me on jenzy73@hotmail.com thank you!
  7. books1990

    books1990 New commenter

  8. Hi was just wondering if any boady had a copy of these plans that are floating around. Would be really useful for my Y3/4 class topic next term.


  9. I would love anyone who can e-mail me the planning to this unit! please! :)


    p.s. Any one done any good trips for th is topic??

  10. Hi We are also teaching Chembokolli in Spring Term and would love a copy of your plans. My email address is faulksc@hotmail.com
    Thanks :)
  11. Hi We are also teaching Chembokolli in Spring Term and would love a copy of your plans. My email address is faulksc@hotmail.com
    Thanks :)
  12. Hi, If they are still available I would really appreciate a copy of the Chembakolli resources/plans.

    Thanks so much

  13. Hi, teaching this for the first time next term , a copy of the plans from TEACHERUK which have been circulated would be a great help if anyone could pass them on.
    manythanks - biggin@crownsmead.freeserve.co.uk
  14. hi there,

    just wondered if teacheruk or anyone else had a copy of the great chembakolli lesson plans that have been flying around. I'm on my last teaching placement and any good lesson plans or resources would be a real bonus.

    many thanks and merry christmas

  15. Help! Any lesson ideas for Chembakolli would be gratefully received!


    Thanks everyone!!

  16. Hi-please could I have a copy of the Chembakoli resources? I am a Year 4 NQT and am doing Chembakoli this term. Thanks.

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