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chembakolli!!!! help!!!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by jaylea, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. Can I please have a copy of Chembakolli plans etc.
    Many, many thanks
  2. Could I possibly have a copy of the plans too? would someone who already has them mind forwarding them to me?

  3. hey im a second yr student and would really appreciate the plans teacheruk as im with a yr 4 class at the moment but im not meant to use their plans and ive run out of ideas.thanks.my emails discodiva74@hotmail.com . thanks!
  4. please could i have a copy of the plans and resources many thanks
    davinder_jat @hotmail.com
  5. Hi there!
    I've spent hours searching the web now for free resources on Chembakolli. I have a mixed Y3/Y4 class and would love to hear from anyone with any suggestions or resources they feel they would like to share! Thanks muchly! Please help!
  6. please cananyone send me some planning help for this topic. We are trying to be cretive in our planning.

  7. I'm a 4th year student doing my final block in a year 4 class and would really appreciate it if someone could send me the plans for chembakolli. I have done my MTP for the topic but would be interested to see other ideas. I'm finding it a great topic to plan.
    my email is emma_l_cox@hotmail.com
    Thanks X
  8. If possible please could you email me the plans as well, I know I'm a bit late but it would be greatly appreciated.


  9. Hiya, Would be very grateful if someone could send me any plannin on Chembakolli topic, as am teachin it to my year 4 class soon. cheers. ccorey@eircom.net
  10. planesick

    planesick New commenter

    hi, i have just started my final year placement - can i be cheaky and ask for a copy of the chembakolli plans and resources? thanks
    my email is planesick@hotmail.com
  11. Are the Chembakolli lessons & resources still available?? If so, would REALLY appreciate them as I'm starting at a new school in September & have just found out I'm teaching about this subject. Many thanks.

  12. I wonder if anyone could please send me the plans and resources for Chembakolli? I'm an NQT starting in Sep with a Yr 3 class. Many thanks

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