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chembakolli!!!! help!!!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by jaylea, Jun 17, 2005.

  1. fhs


  2. As a student, I would love to have a copy of the chembakolli plans from TeacherUk if at all possible. judy.clegg@btinternet.com
  3. Are Chembakolli plans and rescources still available from teacheruk? Please could you email them? Thanks
  4. Hello, I'm not sure if they're still available but I was hoping to get the Chembakolli resources. I start this topic in September and as an NQT am very keen to make it as exciting and informative for the pupils as I can. I would be very grateful for any help with this.

    Thank you.

  5. zenzuata

    zenzuata New commenter

    Here's a Flickr rural photo project that I enjoy:


    From the Profile:

    "This is the photoblog of the kids at Kalleda Rural School in Andhra Pradesh, India. The students take their own photographs documenting their lives and post them on their own flickr accounts. This account is a collection of some of their best photos.

    Note that the "Date taken" is wrong on most of the photos -- the little cameras the kids use keep resetting their dates.

    Please check out all the kids' photoblogs! They are all listed as contacts.

    Photography is new to the kids, so please post comments and suggestions. Thanks!"
  6. I am beginning my first year of teaching and as Chembakolli is the first geography topic I would be very grateful for plans & resources.
    Thanks in advance

    Here is my address:

  7. Hi, im teaching y4 from september and as an NQT would really appreciate any help! If you are still able to email your plans i would really appreciate a copy: bubble_gum550@yahoo.co.uk. Thanks!
  8. Are Chembakolli plans and rescources still available from teacheruk? Please could you email them? Thanks

  9. se7en

    se7en New commenter

    Do you still have the chembakolli plans.... I have to do a cross-curriculum assignment in the foundation subjects for my Teacher training. Would be very grateful if you could send a copy.

    Many thanks,

  10. I would be grateful if anyone could pass on the Chembakolli resources from Teacheruk, I am an NQT with a Year 4 class starting in September. Good luck to all other NQTs!!
  11. I am another NQT also due to start teaching about Chembakolli in Sept and would appreciate it if anyone could pass on the resources. Many thanks and good luck!
  12. I am another NQT about to teach Chembakolli in Sept and would really appreciate it if I too could have a copy. Many thanks and good luck to all!
  13. Can i possibly get a copy of your plans if they are still available. You are very kind! I am a NQT teaching year 4 from september.

    My email is bubble_gum550@yahoo.co.uk

  14. its probably a bit late now, but i would really appreciate a copy of this plan, if anyone has received the copy could you forward it on to be at clairesland@aol.com, much appreciated!
  15. I am due to start teaching Year 4 for the first time in September and would love a copy of the plans that seem to be so sought after. It would be very much appreciated.
  16. Im a Year 4 teacher and will be teaching Chembakolli for the second part of the Autumn term - It is hard for me to find resources for Chembakolli and to be very creative - any help???? I find this a hard one to teach really.

    I have tried chembakolli. com but I do not think the school will pay for that really.
  17. Im wondering if it is late but I would like to have a copy of the plans that were put forward by 'TEACHERUK' - if thats ok.

    My email address is :

  18. I am an NQT and teaching this topic for the first time. I would be really grateful if someone could forward me these legendary plans! Many thanks Emma.
    I have only just found this resource and would be grateful if you would please forward me your now famous planning on Chembakolli. My e-mail address is: hawley@dave3955.freeserve.co.uk. Thanks.
  20. Hello! Would any kind soul who has had the famous plans and resources about Chembakolli sent to them forward a set to me, please? I would really appreciate your time and trouble on my behalf. The address is pam@cartwright896.freeserve.co.uk

    Much obliged, colleagues!

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