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Cheated out of £300 by agency/cover manager, not sure what is going on

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by carrotsandcream, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. carrotsandcream

    carrotsandcream New commenter

    I have been supply teaching for approximately 4 years in London. I usually keep a detailed log of the days I work with any agency.
    I completed 3 days with an agency that I have worked with in the past, I did not keep a good record this time all i have are some texes to them asking when they will pay me for the work I have done. Each time i go into this particular school I have to sign the visitors book before I get the cover work .
    I do not have to sign time sheets, as this is all done by the school. The agent never pays me on time I have to phone the agency or to check whether I have been paid some times they do not pay me for weeks. this time the agent said he would pay me out of his own pocket as he no longer works for the payroll company that i am paid through.
    no money was put into my bank so i phoned the agency who eventually paid me for one day saying this is all they owe me for as the school do not have a record of me being there, I have sways signed in, they owe me for two more days.
    I contacted the cover manager to asked if i could come in to check the signing in book. He said if there was a problem he would speak to the teaching agent.
    i have emailed the head teacher via the general office, marking it private and confidential as there is no personal email address for the Head Teacher directly.
    I want to ask him for permission to go into the school to check the signing in book. It is not easy to walk into the school as you have to go through security. the office manager, who I have heard is the cover managers mother was so rude to me when i spoke to her. I am not sure if she forwarded the letter to the head teacher I just want him to be aware of what is happening. I have been in touch with the union who encouraged me to write to the emails. They said the next stage would be for me to take legal action. My last day of work is tomorrow at another school. So i am willing to go into the school where there is the dispute next week as their last day in during that week. I am very concerned as I need the money as i will not be getting paid during the summer holidays and have bills to pay.
  2. tolkien28

    tolkien28 Occasional commenter

    Absolutely appalling. Gosh what an awful way to treat a professional. I've never experienced anything like that, however I do only work between two schools. You should honestly not have to go through so many barriers to see the signing in book.
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  3. Jolly_Roger15

    Jolly_Roger15 Star commenter

    Some years ago, I got talking to a supply teacher, who was covering in the science department for week or so. He told me what then seemed a tale of unimaginable duplicity, although now it would be hardly surprising. He had done a couple of weeks supply work in a middle school, which he found to be a very pleasant assignment. Later though, he was annoyed to find that he had not been paid for this work. When he queried this with his agency, it told him that this was because he had not turned up at the school. He said that he had contacted the school, which confirmed to him that his time sheet had been forward to the agency. Significantly, the school also told him that this was not the first time that this had happened to supply teachers, working through this agency. The penny dropped, he said, as normally agencies were on the phone to him if he was a couple of minutes late at a school, so hearing nothing from them was very suspicious. I do not know whether the poor chap got matters sorted out to his satisfaction, as they had not been resolved when I spoke to him.
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