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Cheap Internet Preganancy Tests

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by LittleMissCurious, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Has anyone on here ever had their first BFP on one of these? I have a *huge* bundle in drawer upstairs, and I'm wondering if I am wasting my time bothering with them at all.... I've never had a BFP at all.... although I've never been pregnant, so that could be why [​IMG] Just wondered what others' experiences were....
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Snap! I used the cheapie Tesco ones when i was pregnant with my first, although i've no idea how late I was as i'd just stopped the pill. With my second, i bought a cheapie from the pharmacy (may have been first response actually), it said it would work up to 4 days before a missed period. I did it when i was a couple of days late and it was negative, so i waited and used a digital one a few days later.
    So, it's probably best to wait until you're definitely late, and don't use the ones that claim they work before your period is due!
  3. I think it really depends on the person as I used a First response 5/6 days before period was due and got a positive. It was faint but definitely a positive. I have never used cheapies so can't help there I'm afraid.
  4. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I think it depends on when you ovulate, and i guess the later you ovulate, the later a positive will show on a test. I never really knew when i ovulated, but i assume i must've done quite late with my 2nd pregnancy.
  5. I didn't believe it either and did a digi. As another poster said a line is a line. Fingers crossed all goes well for you.
  6. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    When I got my BFP, I had negatives on First Reserve and more expensive tests, yet got my positive on Tesco's own. Never used internet cheapies though. Think it seems to depend on the individual as to what works and what doesn't, as some seem to have good results with tests that don't work for others.
    I agree with previous poster who said digi - was always very scathing about the need to use them, and they're so expensive they're obviously not a daily poas! However, after getting a few faint positives, a few negatives, and being a week past date for AF, I gave in and nothing was more exciting than seeing those words!
  7. I've used the cheap internet ones and think they're fine. Like LMC I have never had a positive because never been pregnant though!
    I bought them initially because I was having lots of investigations done, all at the same time of the month and had to do a pregnancy test before having the procedure or starting medication. I'm also a bit of an obsessive tester though and because I have PCOS and irregular periods my period is ALWAYS late and if I have any symptoms at all I end up testing so the cheap tests are great for this.

  8. A line is a line....a line is a line...a line is a line!
    I will keep telling myself this for 24 more hours and then do a digital one! I am for once glad it's not the holidays so I have things to take my mind of it!
  9. I did my test when I was about 3 days late, it was an Asda own brand that I had kicking about. It was so clear I could have drawn it with a felt tip pen. My friend said the same.
  10. rebel75

    rebel75 New commenter

    Do let us know how you get on [​IMG] good luck!
  11. I bought a whole load from Amazon and really struggled to see anything. Like everyone else, I just used a clearblue one and then a digital.
    However, I did use the cheapie ones thereafter. Because I was sad (as in, not unhappy - just a weirdo) and paranoid, I kept doing them to make sure I was still pregnant! So, whilst I wouldn't recommend them as a first test, I would use them as constant confirmation to avoid wasting money on the more expensive ones. It was also reassuring to see the line get darker (but even then, I wouldn't say it was a 'dark' line, more a more defined lighter line!)
    Good luck.
  12. I should add that I only tested every few days until the cheapie tests I had bought ran out!

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