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Chasing feedback

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by Thespirit82, May 27, 2020.

  1. Thespirit82

    Thespirit82 New commenter

    I had an interview on Thursday and I haven't been contacted. My assumption is that they've offered to someone else and not contacted me which is incredibly frustrating, but I'd love my feedback.

    Would it be the done thing to contact them? Or is it to soon?
  2. frijj

    frijj New commenter

    Did the school in which you interviewed say if / when candidates would be contacted?

    One of the more frustrating aspects of online interviews (which I'm presuming was the case?) is that more people are possibly being interviewed over more days, therefore a decision may not have been made?

    I might be tempted to wait another day or so, but I realise that the post-interview wait is agonising!

    Good luck!
  3. Thespirit82

    Thespirit82 New commenter

    Just that id be contacted shortly after the bank holiday which I took really to mean yesterday!
  4. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

  5. meggyd

    meggyd Lead commenter

    It is incredibly rude of them not to let you know.
  6. Thespirit82

    Thespirit82 New commenter

    Thank you!
  7. Mad max

    Mad max New commenter

    Sorry that they've treated you like this
    I had 2 interviews so far. They did come back quite late and then did not give any feed back really just said I interviewed well and lesson was good, but they went with someone else. Interviews unfortunately are a tailor made fit for a school. There are some hints and tips to remember, but on the day it is a case of who did well on the day. Recent interviews even for science, there have been 5 or 6 people and if there is only 1 job (Which often there is) Then 5 out of those 6 people will be given a no. Disappointing, but consider teaching is not the profession it used to be. There are many NQT's even in science who have not yet even gone through induction. It's becoming more and more saturated especially in these times. It perhaps does not help I'm in my mid-late 40's. Don not give up hope. Just when I was in despair a crisis hits teaching, and for some reason spaces become blank. Then you have the pick of the crop for a couple years, then it dries up.

    Feed back can be a losers game. What 1 school may think great, the other may think oh no, not for us. The whole system is arbitrary and capricious and so unfair at times. However those schools sometimes do get there comeuppance when they realize that the teacher that pulled out the 1 excellent lesson and interview is a 1 trick pony and then they often go for someone who is quite good but delivers that standard day in and day out. No wonder so many teachers leave in fact 50% of all new starters.
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  8. Thespirit82

    Thespirit82 New commenter

    Thank you, that's really useful stuff to think about!

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