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Charging for extra hours/provision in a maintained nursery

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Rousset, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    Are you a maintained nursery providing extra provision for which you are asking a nominal payment for? If so, how are you recording this payment/charge?
    We are providing extra provision but dont know how to record it in the school's finance 'system'. I admit I have absolutely no clue about how maintained school's or nurseries financial recording (or whatever it's called!) 'works'. I think that schools need to record monies going through the school (e.g. school dinners, fundraising etc) under specific pre-determined 'categories'?? Which is what is causing the dilema, as we don't know how to, or under what 'umbrella' we should record it?
    Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Many thanks.
  2. Hi, not sure if this is helpful but a few years years ago when we started to offer extra provision, e.g. breakfast care, top-up hours, lunch care, extra sessions and after school care. We set up a Ltd company within the school so it was seperate from the schools authority finances. We also have additional care staff employed through this small company. I'm sure when we set this up we contacted a local business advisor and there was some funding available at the start. It seems to work really well. To record payments we use Software called 'Superfox' which allows you to input daily extra care sessions, generate invoices and statements and input payments; we got this from a friend who used it in there private setting. We also use it for after-school activity club payments. It was a little daunting at first but it works really well. It is not a profit making company as such, what we make covers wages for additional staff employed for the extra sessions and if there is surplus we sometimes help to subsidise school/nursery trips, resources etc...
    Hope this makes sense, any questions just let me know and i'll try to help.

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