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Charges for KS2 tutoring and travel?

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by tweetypi88, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. I have just been asked to tutor a 9 year old girl maths and english. As a qualified teacher how much would you recommend I charge per hour? Also, she lives bout 8 miles away from me, do I charge the parent for petrol, and how much?
    Many thanks
  2. £25 / £30 is a reasonable fee, fully inclusive of charges. Don't mention additional charges your petrol, you're a tutor not Ryan Air.
  3. bananamoore

    bananamoore New commenter

    That would be nice, but it is not always practical. I charge a flat fee inclusive of petrol for students living in a 5 mile radius. I get enquires from people living 10+ miles away; I can't charge the same for these students, so add a small extra amount on to cover petrol costs. I don't start rattling on about charging x amount per mile, I just suggest a sensible amount which would cover my actual costs. Never had any problem with this, parents understand that petrol is expensive at the moment and wouldn't expect you to travel miles for nothing.

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