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Character description - year 2 SATs?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Saints 79, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Just want to know who everyone has chosen to use for this short writing task? Obviously needs to be a strong character that gives scope for them to physically describe as well as talking about their personality etc. It's our first year doing this one so was wondering what others are doing or have done in the past and found successful please.
    Thanks in advance x
  2. Selfish Crocodile
    The wolf in LRRH
    Rainbow fish
  3. Thanks; anymore?
  4. Hi
    I did Mr Gum last year and the children did exceptionally well. I tried to pick a strong character which encouraged children to not only describe but explain his behaviour. I didn't want to pick something too well known such as the wolf from LRRH as i often find that the children tend to retell the story.

    Hope that has helped. Mr Gum is truly fab :)
  5. Last year we did thew witch from room on the broom and this year are going to do one of the characters from happy families - giving the children a little more choice
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'll have a look at Mr Gum - ignorantly i don't know that one! [​IMG]
    Giving them a choice is a good idea too.
    Keep 'em coming!

    We have done units of work around Mr Gumpy books and ***** the Wimp/Champ etc and analysed their character in depth - although not necessarily wrote a character description or taught how to write one using these characters. Can we still use them as the character or does it have to be a character they know but haven't studied this year / one they haven't had as much input on??
  7. You can have given prior input but there is a period break they must have before taking the test. We are using ***** from Anthony Brown books. Looked at ***** the Wimp/ Champ/ Hugh/ Wizard. They love his character and the stories, hopefully the work they produce will be good but its the first time we are using ***** so guess we'll have to wait and see.
  8. We did Winnie the Witch before the holidays. We made 'character pockets' where the children drew the items they thought Winnie might have in her pocket (which would tell you about her character) then put them in a pocket. They loved it and were able to draw on the evidence from the texts we'd read. It really made them think about her as a character.
    We're now reading the Sophie stories by Dick King-Smith as part of our topic and will work on Sophie's character. They'll then be able to choose which character they want to write about in the writing task.
  9. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

    We used Mr Wolf in 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes'. We got the children to paint/draw pictures of Mr Wolf as part of the writing preparation. We had some great descriptions last year!
  10. We used Granny from George's Marvellous medicine last year, got some great results. I think i am also going to use Mr Gum this year. There are a couple of the Mr Gum stories told and signed on http://www.signedstories.com/page/index.cfm in case that is of help to anyone!!
  11. Thanks everyone. I love the pocket idea and doing a picture / painting as part of the lead up to the writing - takes away the emphasis. Thanks again x
  12. We used Mr Twit!!!
  13. We used George, from George Speaks, by Dick King-Smith last year. We are reading this book again. Just started and finished chapter one today, Friday afternoon and my class absolutely loved it! You can describe what he looks like and indeed his character. There are so many examples of his quirky behaviour, that the writing was really varied. The children have really got to grips with the humour so hopefully I'll have some more sound pieces of writing to mark!

    Another character was Farmer Skint, from DKS's 'The Golden Goose'. Again the children were able to pick up on being able to describe his appearance as well as feelings, character - with lots of examples.
  14. Hi - last year we used Mr Wolf from Mr Wolf's pancakes. It gives the opportunity to describe physical appearance & character. The least able found story easy to recall as based on nursery characters. The twist at the end led to some level 3 writing. Hope this helps.
  15. Mr Twit is a great character to use. The kids love his gruesome habits and are really keen to describe him.
    There is a good Roald Dahl website you can go on, if you want to do some background about Roald Dahl first.
    Really like the 'pocket' idea mentioned.
  16. We have chosen Plop from the Owl who was afraid of the Dark as it fits in nicely with the longer writing task of a report on day and night!

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