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Changing your name

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon8315, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    It's a small gripe really, but the name I have always been called is not my first name but my middle one. This was a conscious decision by my parents as I was named after a childhood friend of my mum's but have always been known by my middle name - I hope that makes sense!
    To be honest it's always been a nuisance. I was on my first name on the secondary school register at first - you can tell which of my teachers knew who I was by whether they used my first or middle name! Now, with a new job and a new round of CRB stuff and sorting through which names I have on what, I would really like to change my name, not drastically, I just want to swap my first and middle name around so they're in the right order if you see what I mean.
    It's a small problem but an annoying one especially as no one pronounces my 'real' name correctly anyway!
  2. Very few people pronounce my real name correctly, either, but I live with it. I do use a shortened form when tutoring, though, when first name terms are used. I want the kids to be able to use it easily!

  3. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    You can change your name by deed poll online for under £50, I believe.
  4. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    Thanks, lilac.
    Sea pink, I've done the same - I have had to! It's my "real" name people never get so the name change wouldn't help with the endless misprounounciations. That said, my first name begins with a H and it often gets lopped off which makes an (already ugly!) name sound worse!
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I've been known by my middle name since birth, so almost 54 years now. It's been a mild inconvenience on a few occasions but I can't say that it has bothered me enough to do anything about it.
    I tend to inform people that my first name is my "sunday name" and ask them to call me by my middle name only if they're going to know me for more than five minutes at a time - hence hospital staff, my GP and dentist usually know me by my first name and pretty much everyone else knows me by my middle name.
    It's never been a problem in workplaces.
    The fact that my middle name is pretty unusual (at least in Scotland) causes a fair amount of confusion but that stopped vexing me decades ago.
  6. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    It is a bit of a nuisance but I would like to get it swapped back ideally. I had a bit of hassle on my CRB because my passport and driving licence have my full name on it but my mortgage statements and bank correspondence just 'know' me by my middle name!
    Also if I did get married I'd like to take my vows as "me" - if that makes sense! Come to think of it, I'd like "my" name on my gravestone as well! Hehe!
  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Deed poll - easy to do online. Pain in the bottom to tell everyone who needs to know. They want different degrees of evidence - some do it on the phone, some in branch, some want copies of deed poll.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I definitely couldn't be bothered. It's less hassle to explain to those who need to know.

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