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changing of ups levels can you go doen and then back up?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by piesy72, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. I have just started a new part time job and was excited about this propspect. As I had been offerred the job by the new head teacher, who had interviewed me I was looking forward to spending some time chatting one to one with them today. However during the meeting the issue of my pay was raised, as there had been some confusion over my current pay level. i was then informed by the head that she had been unaware of my UPS3 status at interview, and said that as the post was advertised as main pay scale this was what she felt I should be willing to accept. I had however recieved no paperwork regarding the details of the post, as I had applied last minute. I had though had a very detailed conversation with the outgoing head about whether or not I should apply for the job as I had been through many lenghty interview processes before only to be told after several interviews that many heads felt I was over qualified for the posts and should be applying for deputy headships with my experience etc.. Therfore I made it clear when applying for this job that I wasn't cheap, but experienced and this was what they assurred me they were looking for... untill today.
    Should I be obliged to take such a considerable pay cut down to M6 ? And if I do, does that mean I will have to re-apply for UPS status in my performance management interview...here at my new school or at other school in the future. Please help advise.....I'm a bit confused, angry and upset this has all occurred today, well after my interview and acceptance of the job took place in June!
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    If it's an LA school, then tough, they will have to pay you what you're entitled to.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    UPS is part of Mainscale.
    Contact HR at the LA if it's an LA school.
    Contact your Union for support and the relevant Pay and Conditions clauses.
    Do not agree to a demotion on the payscale. You've been paying TPS deductions on your UPS pay and a reduction in your pay will translate into a lower pension. Don't let that happen!
  4. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    What your new head teacher proposes is outside of the STPCD and all teaching policies on pay. Teachers cannot 'lie' about their payscale and they cannot 'agree' to a pay cut. I would politely raise a query directly with the LEA.
  5. langteacher

    langteacher Occasional commenter

    This is disgraceful. What the head is saying is wrong. Maybe she should be the one to take a pay cut!!

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