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Changing my assessment proceedures

Discussion in 'Music' started by Rockmeamadeus, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. I'm really fed up of units of work that end in assessed perfromances so I'm chanigng most of my units to end with a listening test or submitted composition. My reasons are the old chestnuts of:
    • students with instrumental lessons generally produce perfromances a quantum leap away from those who don't
    • children with no performing ability have the assessment of their understanding obscured by a lack of control over the instrument
    • We are supposed to be assessing "musical understanding" - which makes sense to me
    • It takes a whole lessons, and then you have to go away and mark the recordings - and the preparatino time eats up teaching time.
    • Some students piggy back on the talent of more able students and it's sometimes very hard to seperate the inidividual contributions
    So, from now on, my units will consist of:
    • Lessons that still include a lot of practical work, but designed to increase understanding rather than produce a final perfromance
    • Some intermediate performances from those that are ready or who want to, for the benefit of the whole classes understanding
    • Performances or composisionts realised using sequencing software and submitted electrconically
    • A final written assessment based on listening and also on recaling some knowledge and understanding and applying it
    Is this what everyone esel does - becuase I've kind of lost track of current practice.
  2. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    I often do similar.
    Eg. learning about different types of scales/chords (eg. as part of a film music unit) or textures, or structures, then applying 'musical understanding' of these musical concepts to create a piece of music. I always get them to write a plan of the musical ideas they plan to use, as well as an evaluation which describes which scale/chords/textures/structures they've used (to show that they actually understand what they've composed).
    I teach a basic keyboard and guitar unit at the beginning of Year 7, to ensure that they have some basic fine-motor skills and basic music theory - this allows them to compose music if they don't have private lessons on another instrument.
  3. cmf


    Wouldnt it be good if we, who teach the stuff, got together to write a scheme which works! I love doing the practical stuff but get bogged down with comments from "£$%^ " dont do a practical lesson during a lesson ob"
    So, I also do keyboard and guitar skills at the start of Y7 then listening skills and finally composition starting on keyboards moving to Sibelius to multi part.
    I am moving towards PPT for every lesson, all with the same look, background and lesson by lesson information in the same place, Lesson objectives, student feedback questions plus and wait for it, an automated timer which goes off every 15 mins for an OFSTEAD related mini plenary, which, yes stops the lesson dead, interups the dediated learning which is going on but fulfills policy. Oh, and on each slide it also asks are you learning independantly, have you got the right equipment, are you ready to learn etc etc etc plus asks the question do you know your learning style (VARK) mind you, after all this there is very little information about the lesson on the screen but I am following OFSTD guidlines.
    Sorry to go on! Just had the best lesson with my Y10's, good job no one was watching, we got so much done, recorded and the whole class saw and watched the process, it inspired all. Mind you it would have been classed as less than good!!
  4. musicismyreligion

    musicismyreligion New commenter

    cmf, I agree completely! Do you have an example of your PPT? Just curious.
  5. I tried the keyboard unit but it did not seem to yield the required skill level. Might have been doing it wrong and may re visit. Thanks.

    Have been advised by my line manager not to rely to heavily on power points - but I find them really helpful. (She uses overhead projectors and acetates)
  6. cmf


    Not really, lets just say, practical lessons are now broken up into 15 min sessions, due to the alarm going off!
  7. cmf


    Musicismyreligion. I sent you a message.
  8. I love this idea, for similar reasons to the initial post: sick of the predicability of assessment outcomes for some projects. The process is so much more valuable and in my mind creative and inspiring.
    How do the pupils respond to the 15 minute timer?!
  9. YesMrBronson

    YesMrBronson New commenter

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