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Changing exam board

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by Historytut, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. Historytut

    Historytut New commenter

    My school is changing exam board to Edexcel.

    The reason?

    64% gets you a grade A.

    This seems incredible - and I don't see any job satisfaction in this as it will be too much within the grasp - the easy grasp - of our pupils.

    Does anyone else find this problem - one of self motivation and/or pupil motivation when the top grade is so low?
  2. Snorkers

    Snorkers New commenter

    Is this for A level? Surely we don't know the grade boundaries for any new course until the first cohort have sat the final exam - boundaries are based on the distribution of marks?

    And - on a similar line - if 64%gets an A that suggests that the papers are pretty tough. We currently do OCR business studies at GCSE and have the opposite problem: one of the papers is very straightforward, lots of candidates score high marks, so to get an A* pupils can only drop 5 marks across the whole paper - THAT'S demotivational.
  3. Historytut

    Historytut New commenter

    The 64% was for June 2016 AS level.

    The papers are tough in the sense there's a lot of question and quite a lot of reading. I would prepare 'tough' to be 'difficult, real test of knowledge'

    For example (fictitious papers):

    Paper 1

    5 straightforward essays

    Paper 2

    Three longer essays - depth and discussion required

    I would prefer to teach for Paper 2
  4. teacher4l1fe

    teacher4l1fe New commenter

    The actual paper wants more than you think, it isn't just a case of theory and being able to develop general cause and effects with balance, they want every point to be 100% rooted in the business's situation and market conditions.

    Just learning the theory and developing it fully with balance will get you a C, you now have to think on your feet and really put yourselves into the metaphorical shoes of the business owner of that in the case study.
    selvinba likes this.
  5. selvinba

    selvinba New commenter

    Dear teacher4l1fe

    I just bought your mock exam for Year 12 Edexcel A Level Business. Would you very kindly advise me on how to get the promised free download of your sample answers. Thank you very much for your great resource. Best Wishes.

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