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***Changing Career...Teacher to Educational Recruitment Consultant!***

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Ms_Smiles, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. Ms_Smiles

    Ms_Smiles New commenter

    Hey All
    After almost 2 years in the unpredicatable world of Supply Teaching I have decided to move in the opposite direction into the world of Education Recruitment!
    I complted my PGCE way back in 2006 and despite constant applications and constant rejections I have yet to find myself an NQT position. Ive applied for an extension which will run out in 2011. And, I would have even gone as far as attempted to secure a voluntary position in any school in order to complete this. Ive been told that I wouldnt even be able to do this as an NQT has to be "employed" by a school.
    Therefore, Ive decided to look at alternative careers.
    Ive passed the 1st stage of the interview stage and will be moving onto, with everything crossed, the 2nd stage next week. I have a background in Education having worked as a Schools Liasion Officer at a University prior to completing my PGCE. I dont want to get too positive but I do hope I am successful!
    I wondered if there are any others on here who also feel like they have no choice and have to move into an alternative career direction?
    Also, any tips on my forthcoming interview?
    Thanks for reading!
  2. Have just come across this post- wondered were you successful? Have a teaching contract due to expire at the end of this academic year, and with the lack of permanent, full-time positions I want to find a job that gives me job security but still involved in education. Have done a couple of office jobs and really enjoyed working in that environment, and am very ICT literate as my school have used it to its advantage?

    Education recruitment consultanting sounds intriguing so would be nice to see if people have been successful in making that transfer
  3. What's the job description?
    Good luck with your new career.
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Yes. Despite being ex-Supply don't refer to Cover Supervisors in sneering tones - you'll be hiring them in increasing numbers in future.

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