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Changing bubbles

Discussion in 'News' started by Pat_Clifton, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Pat_Clifton

    Pat_Clifton New commenter

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for some advice. I teach in a primary setting and have been working in a year 6 bubble for the last two weeks. On Friday, my bubble was 'dissolved' so that I could be freed up to run a Year 5 bubble from 22/06. I am isolating for a week before going back in. I have just been informed that, due to a high response from Year 5 parents who wish for their children to attend school, I will be expected to have one year 5 bubble for 2 weeks and another for the final two weeks of term. This means I will have had 3 bubbles since returning.

    Am I alone in thinking this is utterly unreasonable? I was anxious about returning at all as I feel that teacher safety is not being properly considered, but now I feel that I am having to put my job and reputation on the line.
  2. Piscean1

    Piscean1 Senior commenter

    First of all, I'd get your name changed if it's your real name or remove the post. You can do this by reporting it.

    In answer to your question, it really depends on what your school risk assessment is. In our school, children are attending on a rota basis part time so teachers are teaching different bubbles of children on different days. Will you be in contact with different adults as this potentially poses more of a risk and how feasible is social distancing?
  3. caterpillartobutterfly

    caterpillartobutterfly Star commenter

    So are you saying your term looks like this?
    Weeks 1 and 2: Year 6 bubble
    Week 3: at home
    Weeks 4 and 5: Year 5 bubble 1
    Week 6: at home
    Weeks 7 and 8: Year 5 bubble 2

    This really doesn't sound unreasonable at all.
    As @Piscean1 says, teachers in many schools are teaching two bubbles a week.

    Year 5 and 6 can more or less manage social distancing, so it really shouldn't be any kind of danger to you.
    agathamorse likes this.
  4. Pat_Clifton

    Pat_Clifton New commenter

    Thanks - it’s a fictional name.
    From my experience of Year 6 over the past two weeks, it is nigh on impossible for social distancing to be properly implemented. The children relaxed after the first couple of days and regularly get too close to each other. I made peace with this for their sake and got on with my job.

    What I don’t understand is the decision to allocate teachers to multiple bubbles during this time period. Surely that goes against the whole concept? I’d be interested to hear people’s views.

    @caterpillartobutterfly your summary is correct with the exception of the week at home in week 6. I would finish with my second bubble on the Friday of week 5 and start a new bubble on the Monday of week 6. I am concerned that there is no period of isolation in between.

    I hope that my post is not taken as an opportunity to complain. I am genuinely concerned about the safety of this plan and am keen to discuss it with others. Thank you for your responses.
  5. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    I'm in secondary and we don't have bubbles. We move between classes to teach our lessons.
  6. Newidentity

    Newidentity New commenter

    I'm also in secondary. We have 15 students in a group, they stay in one place, we move. So if everyone turns up that means each teacher sees 75 students per day. So by comparison, your 3 bubbles look like a good deal!
    agathamorse likes this.
  7. agathamorse

    agathamorse Senior commenter

    We have a maximum of 9 in our bubbles as that's all we can fit into our classrooms now. They stay, we move. So a maximum of 45 pupils in a day.
  8. TrueFaith

    TrueFaith Occasional commenter

    Not just any fictional name..

    Do you pick up all the postbags in your van on the way to school in the morning?
    agathamorse likes this.
  9. deborah33

    deborah33 New commenter

    Bubbles...and PPE.....My middle schools idea for SEPT though not confirmed yet....Tutor grp is bubble...so they stay in same classroom all day everyday. I have been asked to make my ICT/Comp Sci lessons no computer, so I imagine Art no paint Science no Lab, DT etc...and on. (unless its your tutor room) probably be staggered breaks? not sure so only teachers move...Is this gonna work any better than your schools till Oct (yr 5,6,7,8 only)? It is safer but I think this may harm my students mentally... and as for ppe..not been informed re that yet. Worried though...I wear a mask to shop..as my husband actually works on Covid ward in hospital, so I wear mask to protect other people as I may be a carrier? not had covid so far as my hubby has had immunity test and has no ant-virals so he has not had Covid either so I wear a mask. Should I /can I wear one come Sept? thoughts apprecaited re bubbles and ppe.

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