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Changing broadband provider

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by sesame1, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. sesame1

    sesame1 New commenter

    I'm currently paying £13/month for BB with Orange (capped at 10gb a month, and speed of 8mps - I get about 5).
    I've read that PlusNet was reliable and cheap (£6.50) for a similar package as above and I'm thinking of changing now.
    However, I'm not techie at all and dread the actual process of changing, I'm not even sure if I'm locked into a contract with Orange, I'll check with them.
    Anyway, what is the exact process when you want to change? (this MAC, do you have to get if from your provider - how does it work?). Any particular order you have to do things in?
    (I don't mind being without internet for a few days but not longer if possible at all)

  2. sesame1

    sesame1 New commenter

    I'm particularly interested in PlusNet, reliability, support staff, etc. Is it a good provider? (£6.50 does sound cheap, I hope they're not sub-standard)
  3. Totally80s

    Totally80s New commenter

    PlusNet are absolutely fine. Been with them for 3 1/2 years never any problems.
  4. clickschool

    clickschool New commenter

    1. check your not on a contract for Orange Broadband
    2. sign up with plusnet (say that clickschool recommended you!)
    3. request a MAC code from Orange (they have to provide you with it)
    4. email plusnet with your MAC code (or send via their online support web site)
    5. CONTACT ORANGE TO MAKE SURE THEY CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT! (otherwise they might stiill bill you.)
    It was a problem for me changing from TalkTalk (previously freedom2surf) as they kept billing me and were horrible to deal with. Hopefully moving from Orange would be swifter.
    It might be worth phoning Orange as they have an 18-month contract deal where braodband is £5 a month - no cap, plus about £13 line rental (BT wholesale line). If you want a very cheap deal, get your line rental from Planettalk.
    Note that Plusnet cheap option has a cap, but then further downloads are reasonably cheap - or go for a different package that has greater allowance.
    Hope this helps
  5. sesame1

    sesame1 New commenter

    Thanks a lot for the info, really helpful.
    I've been asking around and visited the Plusnet website and I'm not too sure about them anymore, it's not really £6.50/month, looks like it'd be more like £12/month for me (i've entered my details). And also, they penalise overusage, Orange don't (I pay £13/month with Orange, in theory capped at 10gb/month and usually use 12-14 gb a month, they dont seem to mind)
    The £5/month looks good, but I need to investigate the £13 line rental charge, my partner won't change from BT. We'd have to change our phone line to Orange, is that correct?

  6. For reasons of transparency, I think it's only fair that you explain the reason for this.
  7. gedlad

    gedlad New commenter

    I agree, the following on the clickschool.co.uk website raised an eyebrow
    If you've used a resource by Clickschool (perhaps from teach-ict or TES), then make a donation for it. This would be very much appreciated and will help to fund further resources
    I submit that I would make far better use of donations - make cheques payable to Computing At School Help - abbreviate to CASH


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