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CHanges to GCSE structure

Discussion in 'English' started by readingsez78, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Whilst I actually look forward to returning to the days of linear testing at GCSE I know questions will be asked about early entry/express groups as well as the validity of Literature under the current AQA system.
    Are any secondary school departments in English looking to use the November re-sit opportunity for Y11 students? We currently do a 3 year KS4 and for a group of current Y9 students the ability to do Language in Y10 and them focus on Literature in Y11 would have been a real bonus when the retake opportunity was available. Can anyone help me understand the possibility of such students taking the whole of their Language GCSE in summer Y10; focusing on Literature in Y11 but re-sitting in November for anyone missing FFTD/expectation. Would this be allowed and in your opinions beneficial?
    Thank you for the advice and thoughts.

  2. I agree. I've contacted AQA so if I hear anything I'll post it. It would be lovely if things were just straight forward and simple! Cheers for the advice.
  3. Thanks - my statement wasn't clear; with regard to English - I believe it has a literature element which, if what colleagues tell me is correct, also needs to be passed for the qualification to 'count' whereas if you take English Language their is no literature element. The question then is does this qualification count or do students entering English Language also have to complete Literature?
  4. "Just to confirm that what you say is correct. A pupil can sit all components in November, then re-sit in June and carry forward all the controlled assessment marks."
    This seems to suggest that November can be used as a first attempt.
    What will happen to students in Year 12 who get grades they would like to improve on? We try to get all in this category through asap so they can continue with their chosen courses; at the present time I suspect this hasn't been considered (unless i've missed something; very possible) and Year 12 students in this category will be forced to do a November entry, but with a whole new set of CA in place - September to November doesnt seem long enough to get this organised.
  5. I was just pondering this same head ache as I also do KS5. We need a real conversation with the board.
  6. sleepyhead

    sleepyhead New commenter

    No - English Language has to be taken with Literature, or it doesn't count. It's the Spoken Language element which differentiates it from English.
    English Language and English both have a Literature element, in that both require the study of Shakespeare, a novel and poetry.
    English is the stand alone qualification.
  7. Thanks - all help through this forum has been very much appreciated
  8. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    Sorry - not so. Language does not require the study of a Shakespeare play.

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