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Changes to author tiers from December 1st

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by tesAuthorTeam, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. MosaiK

    MosaiK Occasional commenter

    Thank you for that. I think what threw me was the fact that it says 'author-led' so I thought I ought to be doing something...:confused: Yes, I did write to the TES help desk but I gather they may have a lot of emails come tomorrow morning, so my question about sales may not be top of their agenda ;) Thank you for responding so swiftly. :)
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  2. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter


    I now have some access to the dashboard, but the bottom four sub sections, like ‘shop’, ‘my promotions’ etc are still not loading up. Please can you sort this. From where I am sitting, it looks as if all my files have been deleted from the cloud storage. I cannot add, adapt or promote a single resource.
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  3. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Lots of valid points here, but TES have just powered in and done this without explaining the new system or allowing authors to prepare, back up files, or anything. And six grand for the gold level is insane for most teachers, who, if they are dull or even part time, have finite time to work on them. It may not an issue for you, but you are a professional author, no longer full time in the classroom. I thought the whole point of TES was work for teachers who could then go and adapt their purchases a bit more to suit their sets etc. But there are so many unqualified or trainee staff out there now, they want everything shiny and ‘beautiful’ and all pre-made, all done for them. I noticed you offer great resources to newbie computer teachers. As a teacher, I used TES for short activities, a solid worksheet or handout. I upload materials in English,..a core subject with a LOT more competition and content. Any system is skewed in favour of one group more than another.
    Education is becoming so commercialised and now TES is now reflecting this. Which would be fine, with training and proper notice given to us, but there hasn’t been. And their site is full of glitches! My shop is still broken! It’s as if they want me to leave! Have we really come to appoint in the UK where non-teachers who either no longer or never did teach / are retired the only bods with the time and energy to produce commercial teaching resources? Guess that’s a yes.
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  4. penyrheol1

    penyrheol1 New commenter

    Hi there Mrsmumbles. Just so you don't feel isolated - there are two of us locked out of our shops!!:rolleyes::eek:. Help TES!!!
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  5. ThePenLicence

    ThePenLicence New commenter

    Yes, Mrs Mumbles, I am having the same issue, for the last day or so. Have tried accessing My Shop and Promotions from different devices. Have logged in and out, cleared history, cookies and cache, turned the devices on and off again, the whole bit. I just get a continual 'Please Wait' message. Was just about to send an email to help@tes.com when I thought I'd browse the forums to see if anyone else had issues.
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  6. ThePenLicence

    ThePenLicence New commenter

    Me too! Feeling very frustrated! Locked out of My Promotions as well when I was just about to create my first one.
    Have just emailed.
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  7. ThePenLicence

    ThePenLicence New commenter

    Thanks, MosaiK, I have been trying to access My Shop and My Promotions and received the same endless "please wait" page as Mrsmumbles. Your suggestion worked to get me into my shop. Any ideas about promotions? I may have to experiment. Seems the problem is with the shop link on the author dashboard.
    Sorry, all, I realise that this thread is not meant to be focussed on tech problems, but this pulled up when I was looking for answers!
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  8. Nik_Bernaz

    Nik_Bernaz New commenter

    The same applies to me.
    What works on Chrome may not work on Firefox and vice-versa.
    I can't post to my followers either.
    A way round the problem is to access your shop from a different location:
    For instance, you can go to resources on the top menu, find your resources and get to your shop from there. This worked for me when I could not get into my own shop (!)
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  9. treeickle

    treeickle New commenter

    Is there a way to delete the entire shop, or a batch of contents from the shop that doesn't involve deleting one by one please?
  10. rainynightmusic

    rainynightmusic New commenter

    I'm the same. Completely locked out of the the Promotions, Create Bundle, My Shop menu options. I had to do something similar to what Nik-Bernaz suggested to get into my shop at all yesterday afternoon.

    If I am incorrect in my assumption that this sale between the 6-8 November is another one initiated by TES, and that we - in fact as authors - have to initiate something in our My Promotions tab, then I'm afraid that is going to tumble 'base over apex'... or they'll fix it in time but it will crash again when 1000s of authors are initiating sales later on this evening, bringing us back to square one. What an absolutely stunningly awful week TES are having. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.
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  11. FollyFairy

    FollyFairy Occasional commenter

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  12. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Thanks to everyone who has raised the latest bugs - really appreciate it. And apologies to any still affected.

    The tech team is continuing to investigate. These bugs do not seem to be universal or related to any recent changes on the site. While the team investigates further do try hitting "refresh" when you land on tabbed pages as that has resolved issues before.

    Tes Author Team [Michael]
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  13. MosaiK

    MosaiK Occasional commenter

    Thank you for getting back to us on this.
    The 'refresh' solution only works for me when I am updating resources. It does not work for any of the 3 link buttons on my dashboard, which have /redirect/ in their URL, i.e. promotions, post to followers, shop
    I can access my shop directly through its own URL but I cannot get into my promotions nor can I address my followers.
    Remaining hopeful. ;)

    ... and while you are here, please could you tell us a bit more about this sale that starts tomorrow? I have seen no advertising for it in the author section, only on the resources pages. :confused:

    Thank you, :)
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  14. TES222

    TES222 New commenter

    So my rolling annual sales of £2300 mean that I will drop from Gold to Silver costing me £230 per year?
    That doesn't seem fair since I worked so hard to make Gold.
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  15. rcstepek

    rcstepek New commenter

    I totally agree. I upload very infrequently and quite frankly will stop bothering. In the past year, TES tells me that I have made a total of £22ish of sales, and yet I have earned a mere £7 of this. So little that I can't actually withdraw it so TES keeps all of it! Seems to me that most teachers who upload only a few resources are being fleeced.

    Attached Files:

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  16. rcstepek

    rcstepek New commenter

    Apologies for attached picture- no idea how that got there. Oops!
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  17. rainynightmusic

    rainynightmusic New commenter

    That's okay. I enjoy random pictures of tables :D
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  18. treeickle

    treeickle New commenter

    Hi, could you please let me know if there's a way to bulk remove resources/delete a shop? Many thanks
  19. nationalarchives

    nationalarchives New commenter

    Will there be any equivalent scheme for those of us who offer quality resources for free?
  20. SolutionsEducation

    SolutionsEducation New commenter

    Since this discussion I have started to sell on ***, too. Their payments are fairer and whilst I find this site easier to use I would encourage others to start using it too (as additional to this).

    I'm not going to stop using TES, but would encourage people to look at alternatives to compliment their lost revenue.
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