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Changes to author tiers from December 1st

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by tesAuthorTeam, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Thanks for this - but our intention genuinely is the opposite.

    Currently the only teacher authors who obtain the Gold rate are those who have the time to create 100+ individual resources that they would share. It's a relatively small proportion of our author base because few practising teachers actually have the time to do that properly.

    In contrast some of ours authors who have had the biggest sales in the last year are practicing teachers who have uploaded just a few of their heavyweight schemes of work they had created initially for their own use. We think teachers should be able to reach the higher rates with a single great resource or a handful, rather than 100+.

    Tes Author Team [Michael]
  2. GalvaniseEDU

    GalvaniseEDU New commenter

    I feel you missed the point - all of those things should have been done before any changes to royalty. Rather than feeling incentivised, I'm prioritising your competitors. I'll get more money from them for the same resources, all while putting in less work (promoting, fighting copyright infringements etc).

    As it stands you'll be making more money off of my work, without doing the things that will actually make people trust the resources more from a buyer perspective and from an author's perspective. Until you get a grip of copyright infringements and be proactive, I'll use other services.

    People would be more likely to engage with quality resources if the poor quality, copyright infringing or out of date resources were removed proactively by you. So what exactly are you going to be doing extra for a greater slice of my money? Nothing you have mentioned so far justifies it.
  3. polarity24

    polarity24 New commenter

    I think this is really unprofessional from TES, today I have found out that I have demoted from Gold to Bronze. Who has the time in education today to make enough resources to earn £6000?? I have been a loyal member of TES for years and have spent a lot of man hours making and sharing quality resources. To have the gold loyalty stripped away is really disappointing. Is this how you treat your loyal subscribers. For me to reach £6000 which is the gold level is a ridiculous amount. I hope that this will be reviewed and that you do the right thing! Why change a model that was working well for everyone??
  4. kghaye

    kghaye New commenter

    These changes are really uplifting for me as a new author on TES Resources.
    A few years ago, I set myself a challenge to write and publish four quality children's books. With these books I wrote lots of follow up activities for teachers like myself to use, all bang up to date and thoroughly researched.
    I had NO idea how hard it was to become visible and to sell my resources in the 'real' world (where a mere 8% commission is normal for authors of paperback books!!).
    So I looked to selling on platforms such as TES BUT was astonished to find that quantity meant far more than quality and that my 52 page, full coloured story books were classed the same as one worksheet (however brilliant)!
    I also wanted access to Bundles and Shops but this was denied me because I kept all my activity cards free and only charged for the 4 story books (narrated and otherwise).
    Now I can still get 60% commission (at least 6x more than traditional publishers of material like mine!), I can look forward to bundling my resources so that they are easier to find, I can feel satisfied that a myriad outdated and poorly produced worksheets will be removed from the site soon, and I can gratefully receive whatever is due to me having used the service of a world wide platform to promote my work.
    Perhaps I'm a half glass full kind of person and perhaps any exposure and sales are a blessing to me in such a competitive market. So I welcome these changes and I appreciate the fact that we've been able to give feedback, positive or negative.
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  5. MosaiK

    MosaiK Occasional commenter

    Since I became a gold author, I have never once been invited to an event - assuming you mean such invites go out by email, nor have I ever been aware of any events taking place in my neck of the woods...
    As for requested support, the last time I asked for things to be rectified, I waited several days for a reply, despite sending out a follow-up mail. Then, when I received the reply, one question was resolved, the other problem remains - and has been brought up several times on here by other authors too.
    So if this is part of the special treatment I received as a gold author, I dread to think how I will be treated as a newly down-graded bronze author.

    On a positive note, and I am really trying to retain some positives throughout this process, I must agree that when I have questioned copyright with the TES-team, this has been resolved very quickly and efficiently. I also have high hopes for the plans that TES has for its 'picks' and other points raised... Sadly I agree with @GalvaniseEDU that many of the TES picks are very obviously in serious breach of copyright, and others are of poor quality, almost as if someone has simply entered a search term and picked out a few resources without actually looking into them.
    Let's hope those other plans are soon implemented and work in our favour too.
    As I have said in another message to you (@tes), we are in a symbiotic relationship. If you can change things, then so can we. The new levels appear as if you would rather encourage full-time authoring. Some of us teacher-authors who are currently enjoying what we do, may choose to go elsewhere, to a platform where we feel more wanted and where we are not being judged according to how much money we make you.

    I am fully aware that you have made up your mind on the changes that you are bringing in and that no discussion on this or other threads will change that. It is good to be able to share our thoughts though, and see that many of us agree on several of the points.

  6. MosaiK

    MosaiK Occasional commenter

    o_O Are we to assume that by 'for their own use' you mean for use in their school? In that case, I would like to hope that those very authors cleared it with their schools first, before they went and sold the work that they were technically being paid for by their school to do... :confused: Would that not constitute a copyright issue otherwise? ;)
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2018
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  7. tosh740

    tosh740 New commenter

    Hi ,

    2 quick questions:

    1. What percentage of authors were gold authors before the changes?

    2. What percentage of authors are gold under the new system?


  8. PattyAnnsPetProject

    PattyAnnsPetProject New commenter

    TES- your new royalty system dishonors and discredits your sellers who make your business viable. This new tier system demotes good products and good sellers. An across the board 80% for ALL should be the norm... one system equality. As it is when my products sell, by the time TES takes their royalty and vat tax- the net is pennies on the dollar. I signed up and uploaded over 100 products to procure the 80%. I am a strong seller on ***, but as a new joiner to TES it takes time to build a following, ratings and sales. I am now understanding why so many *** authors have exited your platform - too many unfavorable changes that make a sellers time not worth the effort.
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  9. scigeeks

    scigeeks New commenter

    Profiteering! Exploitation! 60% is an insult to the teaching professionals who contribute. A yearly figure of £1000 is completely impossible for the vast majority of contributors....We have jobs to do you know...what a ridiculous level to set it at! You are basically given your selves a 10 - 20% pay rise. Everyone who contributes, and I mean everyone, should be getting at least 70%. This is a licence for TES to print money as it is and you are now grabbing even more cash from your hard working creators. How disappointing. Thanks for imposing yet another pay cut on the teaching profession after eight years of pay cuts from this government. Utter greed - there is no other explanation.
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  10. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    We're really sorry we can't provide a satisfying answer on that one as it's commercially sensitive.
  11. extra golden-time

    extra golden-time New commenter

    Yep - seems like you are talking to a true politician here. Pick and choose the points to respond to. The points that fit a certain point of view nicely. I think TES are in danger of losing friends here. There are lots of places to share free resources. Our free resources increase traffic through this site, making TES money. Top selling authors - please speak up. Prob too busy writing another best seller. One of thier ten or so that make 6 grand per year.
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  12. ClassroomChemist

    ClassroomChemist New commenter

    Michael I think that a lot of the changes are good and I understand the rationale behind them but I feel this is disingenuous to suggest that it's better for new authors. Whereas previously you could achieve 70% royalty, have the transaction fee removed , create a shop and bundles very quickly, now it will take much, much longer to do get to 70% (not for all new authors, but the majority who join after Dec 1st). Therefore new authors are at a disadvantage compared to the current system.
    New individuals are required for any marketplace to bring new ideas and innovate and force the older authors not to rest on their laurels and continue to improve. This I worry will not happen, or happen less which will in turn harm all authors in the long term.
  13. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    We're sorry you feel like that. We did model a flat-rate, but it was not viable to offer one that was at 80%. We user-tested lower flat-rates with teachers, and overwhelmingly they preferred an option that gave a route to 80%.

    The VAT is compulsory on sales of digital materials in the EU, and we arrange for the payment of that to the different countries at the correct rates. It is dependent on the location of the purchaser. We have always arranged that so our authors don't have to.

    Tes Author Team [Michael]
  14. tesAuthorTeam

    tesAuthorTeam Administrator Staff Member TES Authors' forum host

    Thank you for all your points - we are optimistic, based on our user testing with new and potential authors, that this won't happen. But we'd be gravely concerned if it did, and will of course be monitoring any impact closely.

    Our new team really wants to do more to talent spot new teachers who join the site and who prove themselves quickly to be creators of high quality teaching material, and help them to raise their visibility. At the moment - as in any digital marketplace - new entrants can sometimes find it hard to "break in" against more established providers.

    Total sales on Tes Resources were up by two thirds in the last school year. There is room for both teachers with an established reputation for great materials, and for rising stars.

    Tes Author Team [Michael]
  15. PattyAnnsPetProject

    PattyAnnsPetProject New commenter

    This is NOT a matter of my feeling - it's a matter of LOGICAL BUSINESS ACUMEN practices. TES can gatekeep; claim and justify decisions to satisfy their own logic. I sell in ALL industries: Apple, Amazon, Barnes/Noble, etc. because I also write other-than-teacher ebooks. None have a non-sensical tier platform based on this type criteria. POV > TES is sabotaging itself.
    heelis likes this.
  16. heelis

    heelis New commenter

    Oh dear, all of the time spent making my resources seems a bit of waste now and just not worth the income it will generate. I am very disappointed that authors who don’t sell resources for ridiculously high prices are now going to be penalised. The new tiered system is going to encourage price increases and it seems that TES are squeezing profits out of authors and purchasers alike. I will over the next few weeks be removing all of my resources free and paid for to another platform.
  17. heelis

    heelis New commenter

    I think we will see a lot more non-teacher created resources, because who among us actually has the time to spend hours producing quality resources that generate such low income. I will be removing my resources, all of them.
  18. tosh740

    tosh740 New commenter

    Well the reduction to 20p of the transaction fee will help us pay for those ‘little extras’. When organisations increase their fees we only have 2 options. Clearly far more losers than winners with the changes.
  19. labellaroma

    labellaroma Occasional commenter

    I posted this earlier on today, but didn't know this blog had already started. So I am putting it here now...
    I began my post by asking what everyone thinks of the new author royalty tier system, which is to be implemented on 1st December? From what I have read here I feel that the overall impression is that people are NOT happy and that's putting it mildly!! I also will be dropping a tier as I note that many other authors are too. At £6,000 for yearly sales, it is unlikely that I will ever reach my current gold author status. £6,000 is a ridiculous and an unreasonable amount to sell, not to mention an unobtainable amount, well for most of us anyway!! Only in our dreams!! Whilst the drop in the transaction fee from 30p to 20p, the saving of 10p will hardly made up for the decrease in royalties that I will be receiving as of December. It would seem that due to the current tier system where people have abused it by uploading menial worksheets simply to reach gold status, those of us who take pride in our resources and spend hours and hours devising engaging, original and unique material now have to suffer. Not really fair. Actually I think it's disgraceful. I have been uploading on Tes way before the premium resources were introduced. I am somewhat saddened with the route Tes is taking these days. It's a bit like politics, where those at the top seem to benefit the most. I would not have expected this from Tes. How can Tes say that this move is in the right direction, when there are so many negative comments regarding this topic. :(:confused::mad:o_O
  20. heelis

    heelis New commenter

    How do you know this?
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