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Change to academy status

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by pwc9000, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. pwc9000

    pwc9000 New commenter

    If a school changes to academy status and in doing so says to staff "there will bo no changes to pay and conditions"........
    - would i be right in thinking this offers no long term guarantee?
    - is it even possible for such a guarantee to ge given long term?
    - if at some point down the line the school wants to make changes to conditions how would they go about doing it and how long would it take?
  2. Middlemarch

    Middlemarch Star commenter

    1. Yes, you're right - it gives them carte blanche to do what they like, when they like.
    2. No, they are not offering a long-term guarantee. The more cynical amongst us would suggest they're only saying 'no changes to pay and conditions' to stop you trying to oppose it.
    3. it would take very little time at all. Inside a year is confortably possible.
  3. Elsie Teacher

    Elsie Teacher New commenter

    I am really worried that our small primary school is going to become an 'Academy.' The Governors seem really keen on the idea without consulting staff members. I'm worried that everyone will just be swept along with the snobbery of it all in some kind of 'Hogwarts' dreamland. From my teaching point of view, it will mean an end to teachers' pay and working conditions. No guarantees for anything: PPA, pensions, training, SEN support, consultants, professional development etc.
    I worked in a private school for 3 years but returned to the state system, because:
    the head paid me what she felt like, she told me I could not become pregnant in her employ, that I would have to run a holiday club through the summer; I could never be ill and there would be no pension! This was extreme, but the thought that our state school can pay staff and make demands on us ***** nilly is horrifying. Please be aware that this creeping privatisation of the state system in the form of academies and free schools is very real!
  4. I think, once your school seriously look into this they will find that they will simply not be able to afford to move to academy status.
  5. Elsie Teacher

    Elsie Teacher New commenter

    I hope you're right.
  6. It might be worth seeing if TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations) apply?
    I'm no HR expert but when I've worked for a company that has been taken over by another, TUPE has been applied and it was interpreted in that case to mean that any terms and conditions stated in our contracts must be kept the same for at least two years.
    I found this link on the Voice website http://www.voicetheunion.org.uk/index.cfm/page/_sections.content.cfm/cid/1165/navid/404/parentid/328 which seems to suggest that TUPE applies if a school is changing into an academy, but not if a brand new academy is being set up.
  7. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    I wonder how many academies will dare to change conditions in the end, as I can see all staff moving on if they do, I know I wouldnt stay whatever promises they made. With any luck the governments sparkly new idea will flop when they find academies cant get/ keep their staff.
  8. pwc9000

    pwc9000 New commenter

    TUPE does indeed apply and we've had the letter but my concern is long term
  9. mrkeys

    mrkeys Occasional commenter

    It has been my experience that staff turnover was massive when the school became an academy. It was not a failing school. Almost the entire SLT were 'moved on'.
    Other staff left, lots of staff left 'overnight'.
    Not a happy place to work in.
    At the last count over 116 staff had left in the few years since it beacame an academy.
    Huge pressure put on staff to sign new contracts making changes to their T&C's for the worse.
    Be aware, be very wary.
  10. My 'worry' with academies is that the private companies who are investing in them will ultimately want some return for their money which they will never get surely??

    After working in academy it is clear that some of them have underestimated the cost of running a school, and that is without taking into account the teachers pay...the sad thing is is that people will teach in them as people want work and if it is the only job available then they will have to take it.
  11. Elsie Teacher

    Elsie Teacher New commenter

    Plowing ahead with academy status anyway! Clustering with other local schools. Staff not involved in process. Governors say staff views are not important. Sigh! Unions are being contacted!
  12. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Ours have also recently started to look at trust schools, not sure of the difference. It was put on the back burner as both of the nearest secondaries went into SM. Head is now rubbing shoulders with a couple of secondary heads further out with better reputations. They keep coming for visits, even though we have never had a single child go to their school, as with the catchments, they wouldnt be allowed. Also cant see the appeal for these heads to start letting our ragamuffins into their nice leafy catchment and spoil their results.
  13. Elsie Teacher

    Elsie Teacher New commenter

    Latest is that Gove will put an Academy order on all school in the near future. No choice.
  14. The primary school I work in could well be part of a big academy group of local secondaries & primaries within 6 months. I'm worried about changes to pay & conditions, but no other staff seem to be....
  15. Elsie Teacher

    Elsie Teacher New commenter

    I amazed that so many teachers are in the dark about this. The academy agenda should be the hottest forum on here!
    Your jobs, your paye, your pensions, your PPA, your working hours, your maternity leave, your responsibilities, your CPD, your FUTURES ...are all at risk!!!!!!!!
  16. I totally agree with you Elsie. I was surprised by how quickly we could be part of a secondary-led academy.... 1st May was the earliest dater given, 1st Sept the latest....
  17. Elsie Teacher

    Elsie Teacher New commenter

    Our NUT rep said there was nothing we could do, other than sending a letter to the governors to state our discontent.
    Our pay and conditions will be frozen at the point of transfer to an academy, then they are vulnerable from that moment on. Governors can amend them for 'organisational or economical reasons.' We're stuffed!

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