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Change the book title by one letter

Discussion in 'Book club' started by trelassick, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Oh, I get it. But the game will last much longer if it's ONE letter from any word in the title. "A Room of one's ow." A sad tale of a misplaced boot scraper. I still can't do paragraphs and no ****** will tell me how.
  2. Ride and Prejudice
    (the pro or anti hunt brigade handbook)
  3. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Arms and the Ma - child-rearing guide, or an expose of female gangsters?
  4. Underachiever

    Underachiever New commenter

    What Lies Beneat

    A mother's plea to her teenage son to keep his bedroom tidy.

    (One from the heart)
  5. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    The Fir
    John Grisham's tale of a tree. Later made into a memorable film.
  6. (memorable for its wooden acting, presumably?)

    The Hidden Han
    (Ricard J aldrich exposes \captain solo'slinks to the Dark Side)
  7. Mein Kamp
    Hitler's holiday diary

    Joe Heller has writers block

    The Canterbury Tale
    Chaucer doesn't get beyond the first pub down the Old Kent Road

    Crime and Punish me
    de Sade's little known sequel

    The Hobbi
    Tolkein's tale of stamp-collecting elves

  8. (I suppose it is being picky, but the German for "camp" is Lager)

    The Kraken Wake
    (the story of a truly monstrous send off)
  9. You're probably right CH - as I don't read German very well, perhaps it was a gay memoir of Weimar Berlin?

    Then there's Baloo's attempts to surprise Mowgli in The Jungle, Boo!
    Henry James confuses Robin Hood with the Camelot legends in The Golden Bow
    there are some rather confusing accounts of the Six Wives of Henry VII
    there's the drama abour gambling in Scotland - Mac Bet
    and HG Welles' prescient story of election forecasting, The History of Mr Poll
  10. terry pratchetts analysis of the rule of ankh morpork
    monstrous regime
    (nt sorry took two off)
  11. (and then teachers complain students don't understand why they should obey rules...)

    I prefer Pratchett's application of spectrography to intellectuals:

    The Colour of Magi

    (and I only had to take one letter off)
  12. Monstrous Regimen

  13. (Ah, the Ankh-Morpork Diet)

    A Gun For Sal
    (Graham Greene proves the female of the species is deadlier...)
  14. Wasn't that the sequel to his Brighton Roc? The big bird finally nests on the old West Pier and is hunted down by the lass you mention?
    I've just finished a couple of John le Carre's - one about espionage in Snowdonia, and the other a history of airline flight attendant fashions:
    The Spy Who Came In From The Col
    The Tailor of Pan Am

  15. salman rushdie
    the moor's last sig

    goya's inspiration

  17. Don't get it. Is there a deliberate spelling mistake in there?
  18. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    Seventy-Seven *** by Christopher Fowler. Aged detectives, Bryant and May encounter the new age of gay.
  19. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

    That should be c*o*c*k*s. What DO they do on this site when we wish to discuss poultry?
  20. I refer my learned friend above to post 104
    (and I don't get the Rushdie either C.H.)

    Anna Sewell's Black Beaut - the antipodean tale of miscegenation in the Outback
    Simon Cowell's Charlie and the Chocolate Factor
    Desmond Morris's The Naked Ap - the x-ray camera for your i-phone
    Frank Baum's autobiographical boastings about his private life - The Wizard of O

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