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Change the book title by one letter

Discussion in 'Book club' started by trelassick, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Biggles and the Cruise of the Condo

    (the boys visit San Fransisco)
  2. The No Ladies Detective agency
  3. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    The life of P
  4. lose quarters
    (william golding )
  5. Lord of the Lies ( by T. Blair???)
  6. *thought it was supposed to be the just last letter of the title?*

    Gone With The Win
    (oppressed housewife disappears after Lottery triumph)
  7. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    It was but some of the other ideas have been worth it.
  8. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    Delia Smith : How to Coo
  9. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    Steinbeck: The Pear
  10. iconoclasts are u
  11. with ack to ^^^^^^^

    the black pear
  12. The Blair Year
    (the sad tale of the shortest British premiership of the C20th, by an obscure PR hack)
  13. An Ale of Two Cities
    (A story about rival breweries from neighbouring towns)


  14. layback
    raymond chandler
  15. winnie the poo
  16. plato

    protogoras and men
  17. helen dunmore

    love of fat me
  18. zane grey

    raiders of spanish peas
    alley of wild horses
  19. josephine tey
    the daughter of tim

  20. trelassick

    trelassick New commenter

    Stephen Hawking: A Brief History of Tim

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