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Change of PGCE Placements

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by triangle_ball, May 13, 2020.

  1. Hi, I have tried searching for an answer to this but did not find it.

    Bit of a backstory - I completed my secondary PGCE in 2018, been doing supply teaching since to try and gain experience. My PGCE placements weren't very good, 1st placement mentor didn't think she was my mentor till 4 weeks into a 10 week placement and many of my lessons were with teachers than had no knowledge of my subject, but some how scraped through on all the standards.
    My 2nd placement expected me to be an already outstanding teacher (even though they knew the issues I had in my first placement). My mentor consistently pulled me down, nothing ever positive in the feedback, all negative, everything I did was wrong, the feedback was not constructive or helpful. Told me the way I did it was wrong, to do it the way my mentor said and when I did, again told me I was doing it wrong, to do it the way I did it first time so I never got anywhere as no matter what I did it was wrong. My mentor also completely disliked me (nasty attitude towards me /rude/ undermining me/shouting at me in front of other trainees and pupils; she failed me for the Easter assessment on all 8 standards and told me she would fail me 4 months down the line at the end of my PGCE.).
    Due to my mentors attitude towards me, it caused me bad anxiety and stress at the thought of going in to the school/teaching in front of her and I got to the point of wanting to drop out of the course, because of her (had I had one of the other teachers from the department it would have been different - got graded as good in a lesson I taught for one of the other teachers). After having a meeting with the University during the holidays and telling them that unless they moved me placement schools I would quit the course, they changed my placement for the last final 8 weeks of the course and I managed to just get my QTS (didn't have much chance to tick lots off in 8 weeks and my confidence was at an all time low which is why I haven't attempted to get a job towards my NQT year till now - not even sure if I will have the quality to pass my NQT after my placements).

    On application forms some want to know why you quit the placement/job and I am struggling with what to write, regarding why I left the placement/asked to change placement schools, without it looking negative to the school I am apply for.

    Thanks in advance for the feeback.
  2. mooredjc

    mooredjc New commenter

    Hi there. I actually saw your other post in the honest NQT year thread. Sorry you had your experience and unfortunately it is actually quite common and had a horrible time of teaching. Questioning whether I'll give my last NQT term left a go after a cause for concern regarding behavioural management. But again, it was partly to scapegoat the blame of a non working school policy. I digress...

    Anyway, a reason you could give would be lack of professional development. Or, to avoid the negative 'lack', seeking further opportunities for professional development. I read this on twitter and thought it was a good turn of phrase.

    Best of luck

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