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Change of heart about teaching..

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by trentmatt, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. I wouldn't drop out before you find out why you are feeling like this. As you have said you have always wanted to be a teacher. This problem could be something minor that happened during a lesson and it has knocked your confidence. Before making any decisions go and see your university tutor and explain what has happened, they may have experienced it before and may have a simple way of resolving it.
    I hope you can sort this out.
  2. I feel exactly the same. I feel so trapped because I already applied and interviewed for another job and didnt get it. My mentor and senior mentor have no time for me, and I am not allowed to do my full teaching time table until November because of OFSTED. My training provider tutor completely ignored my problems when she visited my school in September. I am going to try to get through the year, however I know I will not use it. I just don't want to be unemployed :(. I am a secondary trainee.
  3. How did you manage to make your mind up? I am completely torn, don't know what to do at all. Have been reading all the posts on the forum from very stressed trainee teachers and the advice given from qualified teachers is completely for or against- either you'll regret leaving teacher training because a few years down the line you might end up actually really enjoying it or you'll regret staying, becoming trapped and you should "escape while you can"!

    For me the main reason for leaving is personal- I'm just exhausted of dealing with stress, I have had very stressful things to deal with consistently since I was a child and now, finally my personal life is probably the least stressful it's been in ages and I've gone straight into the GTP! I think I made a huge mistake and should have started it later- I didn't even get a days holiday in the summer before I started. I need some time away to properly overcome my poor mental health, which I have never done, just struggled through with. I want to have evenings and weekends free for once, live life, make some friends!

    On the other hand, I know this will hurt me if I quit, I worked so hard to get this job and if I quit I can forget about getting back into teaching as I doubt I'll get the chance again.

  4. I don't know what to say, probably because I know I'm so very lucky to be at the school I'm at, at the moment...
    I hope you manage to get started elsewhere easy enough if you leave, and that you find a good job in another area...
    Let us know all about it, I visit these boards regularly now to see whats going on and how people are doing, it's nice to think we can all support each other, but frustrating to think we can't do anything to help you through this.

  5. I think the best thing to do, is too see it like a 1 year qualification, and count down the weeks. That way you, can see the end.
  6. I have realised secondary teaching is not for me, and I will not use it afterwards. However the main reason is my father is extremely ill, and this was the wrong time or me to do this. I may go back to it in the future, but it will probably be primary. I think you will get the chance.. remember it is better to withdraw for legitimate reasons, than quit. How long have they given you off?
  7. I'm not too sure if this will be of any use to you, but I enrolled on the GTP course starting september '09 - coming from a non-teaching background. However, I found the work load far in excess of anything that I ever imagined and made the hard decision to leave at end of the Autumn term prior to Christmas.
    I often think about the decision that I made and although I don't regret it per se, even now, two years on, I still constantly think about what I would be doing if I had continued. However, teaching just wasn't for me - I decided then that my family had to come first and it was the right decision.
    If you're having severe doubts now, then maybe, like me, teaching just isn't for you. Don't crucify yourself - just getting on the GTP course is a great achievement in itself. Although I (obviously) no longer teach, I often look back at the time I had with fond memories and believe that whole experience has made me a better person.
    Btw, I'm not sure why, but I just can't bring myself to delete all of my old teaching bookmarks. Hence, the reason I often revisit the TES website...
    Good luck with your decision and kind regards


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