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Change of career?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by not-sure, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. I think the time has come to leave teaching, but this may sound rather useless, I have no idea where to go next. What kinds of careers to look towards, I have spent so long focused on teaching I am not sure where I could go next (besides supply and tutoring, these are fine but are not going to yield enough to support myself and my family I need something more).
    Does anyone have any suggestions as to where to go next, books, advise etc Obviously I don't expect people to tell me what to do next, but some suggestions of things to consider or sources or useful imformation would be really appreciated.
  2. Wotworklifebalance

    Wotworklifebalance New commenter

    No suggestions but I know exactlywhat you mean. After nearly 20 years as a teacher I have no chance of earning any-thing like the amount that I currently earn outside teaching.
    There is also the consideration of the notice periods. Having not handed in my notice on Friday I am now bound to stay in teaching until the end of July - who would even consider appointing me to a post when I couldn't start for 5 months?
    Sad as it sounds I fancy retraining as an accountant (no snotty noses, if any-one poohs their pants I won't have to clean it up, no APP, no FS profile ....) Numbers won't answer me back and none of the accountants that I know would even dream of working at the weekend except one who might do weekends just before the self-assessment deadlines but will charge his clients through the nose for it.
    I think that you need to think long and hard about
    a) what you are good at
    b) what you enjoy
    c) which bits of education you love and
    d) which bits you can't wait to leave behind.
    I know that I love creating order out of chaos and like things to be straight and organised so accountancy/admin would really suit me. Others are very creative and so would need something completely different. Last night I met some-one who had escaped teaching for a role with the local council working with troubled children and families - I know that this is just an extension of the educational/social work political football and the emotional see-saw of my current school so don't fancy it at all.
    To get around the whole notice period thing I am considering handing in my notice to leave at the end of the summer term; in my LEA this would mean that I would be paid until the end of August (I know that they aren't all the same as our neighbouring LEa pays until the end of July but those joining the LEA are paid form the beginning of August to attract NQTs). I could then look for a job in July and August but would register for Supply in the Autumn Term in case I hadn't found anything.
    Good Luck!
  3. If you hand your notice in by May 31st you can leave at the start of the summer hols.
  4. jazz2

    jazz2 New commenter

    I don't have any suggestions either, but
    - isn't quite right.
    You have until 28th February to resign if you want to leave at the end of this term. So there's still a week to try to find something!!
    Also, I have known staff leave at half term, in most of the schools I've been in. It's not standard, but can be negotiated. Just depends on the Head.

  5. Thank you for replying,
    Worklifebalance, reading your post just a small point to bear in mind - if your LEA is anything like mine then you will need to get the wheels in motion before autum as mine took an age to get me sorted (their process not a lack on my part!). Hopefully you won't need to supply but it would be a shame if you did need to do some and you were not able.
  6. What about educational roles in different settings? Like in Zoos/Museums/etc, or in hospital settings?
    Not very common, I believe, and educational officer roles I think are not as well paid as teacher roles, but work/life balance and happiness doesn't have a price on it/.
    Can you contact your university where you did your degree for careers advice? You should be eligible for their careers services having studied there possibly (depends on the uni for how long after you have graduated they offer services still, I know mine if for life though).
    Or go completely off piste and try something completey unrelated - as the previous advice - think about what you love doing, what you hate doing and start from there - do a personal SWOT - what are your strengths/weaknesses/opportunities/threats?
    One piece of advice I would give though - think carefully about trying for a career in something you love doing for fun now - I've done that and it sucks most of the joy out of it as you have to do the nasty bits as well as the nice fun bits once you are working in it (every job has bad bits after all).
  7. There is nothing your employer can do if you decided right now that you'd never go to work for them again. The notice period is negotiable, especially if you are leaving the profession.
  8. I have to admiot I know very few people who have escaped teaching, is it really possible and how likely am I to be able to get a job with a not too tiny in comparrison wage?
  9. That depends on how long you've been teaching and what your wage is really!! But it's looks very unlikely especially as if you manage to get a job in another profession you willbe starting at the bottom again in most cases. If money means a lot to you you might be better staying where you are, if not, go for it and very good luck to you! X
  10. If its money you want, you need to retrain. All the people I know on huge pots of money have studied a long time to get that money (or the same amount of time as me, but then were clever and didn't go on to do a PGCE).
    People I know earning (what I would call) lots (ie 80K+ a year not including benefits):
    ICT Contractors
    Obvious how three of them got into those jobs, my ICT contractor friends (who arguably earn the most, one of them is on about £170K+ a year for 6 months work, although he does work stupid hours for those 6 months), did Computer Science type degrees and then just worked for various companies in London.
    Should point out that most of the these people are working in London (not the majority of the Doctors I know, but the ones that are earning high amounts have had about 15 years of experience and therefore worked their way up the ladder to allow wages of those amounts).
    Alternatively, if you are interested in $/£ that will allow you to do whatever you want, do a couple of years abroad - have a friend that just finished a two year stint in Abu Darbi (sp?), has come back with about 20K in savings and she apparently spent money like water out there (could be tosh, just what she says, and from the looks of the things she came back with and her spending now, I have no reason to think she is lying).


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